Reddit Thinks These Uncooked Tortillas At Costco Are 'The Absolute Best'

Roaming the Costco warehouse aisles can offer a taste of food adventure. As seen on Reddit, Costco's refrigerated section has a gift that is waiting to be found. According to many people, the Tortilla Fresca uncooked tortillas are the "absolute best" find. According to the brand, the uncooked, organic tortillas have no preservatives, cholesterol, or saturated fat. 

While u/ChipPeppers commented that the uncooked tortillas were purchased "because the ingredients were simple," the reaction was clear. Declaring them the "best store bought tortillas I've ever had." Even though that superlative statement is quite telling, many people agree with that sentiment.

Looking at the comments on the thread, the majority of statements were overwhelmingly positive about these uncooked, store bought tortillas. From u/FinalBlackberry saying, "I accidentally bought uncooked tortillas a while ago and I'm never going back" to u/Regular_Gatsby stating "one of my favorite finds in Costco," it is clear that many people are stocking up on this find. Although the response is overwhelmingly positive, one comment would prefer a slightly different size: It appears that these uncooked tortillas are great for tacos but not quite large enough for a burrito. Still, with so many people putting these tortillas in the skillet, it might be time to heat up a few to taste test.

How do you use Tortilla Fresca uncooked tortillas?

While many people just open a bag and eat with many tortilla brands on the shelf, the Tortilla Fresca uncooked tortillas are a little different. With 50 years of experience, the brand believes that it has perfected the uncooked tortilla. Although no one is using a tortilla press, there is a quick, extra step to enjoying this treat. According to the brand, the tortilla needs to be heated in a non-stick skillet for 20-30 seconds per side. That little extra has some people thinking that this option tastes more like homemade.

There are many options for using these uncooked tortillas. While the Reddit thread that proclaimed them as the "best store bought tortillas" suggested everything from a breakfast tacos to enjoy cut pieces dusted in cinnamon sugar (i.e. bunuelos), Tortilla Fresca has a variety of recipe ideas on its website. In addition to classic Mexican dishes like tacos, fajitas and more, the brand recommends using the tortillas in fruit dessert or even Cinnamon Apple Chimichangas. For anyone looking for a little hack instead of homemade, Tortilla Fresca has the answer and you don't have to tell your abuela the secret.