Joey Chestnut Just Ate 17 Pounds Of This Popular Appetizer

If you've read even a little bit about competitive eating, surely you're familiar with the name Joey Chestnut. The 38-year-old reigning champion of Coney Island's annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest has won the competition an astonishing 14 times, the latest of which was this summer when he broke his own record by downing 76 dogs — buns included — in a mere 10 minutes, via CBS News.

But, Chestnut doesn't consume just frankfurters exclusively. According to Major League Eating, the champ holds 46 world records in competitive eating, including scarfing 182 chicken wings in a half-hour and 53 Taco Bell tacos in 10 minutes. Chestnut's other conquests include deep-fried asparagus spears, funnel cakes, and mutton sandwiches (via Major League Eating).

Clearly, the champion eater has a wide-ranging palate. And just this past weekend, his taste buds — and his cavernous stomach — led him to victory at yet another eating competition, this one held in Indianapolis, Indiana. Read on to find out which popular appetizer he gobbled up in the quantity of 17 pounds in record time.

Joey Chestnut's latest record is for shrimp cocktail - and lots of it

Just recently, competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut appeared in Indianapolis, Indiana's eighth annual World Famous St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship (via Major League Eating). He didn't even have to travel far for this one: The reigning champ of Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest actually lives in the nearby suburb of Westfield (via WTHR). Unsurprisingly, Chestnut easily took the lead in the competition, forking down 17 pounds, 1.6 ounces of St. Elmo Steak House's shrimp cocktail laced with "spicy, horseradish-forward cocktail sauce" in just 10 minutes (via Major League Eating).

In fact, Chestnut has won the seafood-eating competition every year since it was started, according to the site. But, perhaps sadly for the champ, he didn't manage to best his own personal record this year: In 2018, he polished off 18 pounds, 9.6 ounces of the chilled shrimp in just eight minutes (via Major League Eating). Not that 17 pounds, 1.6 ounces is anything to scoff at. As Chestnut continues dominating the field, we'll just keep wondering how he manages to eat this much food each and every time.