These Are All The Records Joey Chestnut Holds

Joey Chestnut, the man with the iron stomach, has racked up so many speed eating records over the years, it's hard to keep track — and he has no plans on slowing down any time soon. The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest champ now has 13 lucky trophies–(aka mustard yellow belts)–to his name, according to the official website. The contest is held every Independence Day on Coney Island, and on July 4, 2020, Chestnut not only broke his previous achievement but set a new world record by tossing back 75 hot dogs in just ten minutes, confirms ABC7 New York.

After wowing spectators at Nathan's annual competition year after year and racking up copious winning titles, Chestnut has made his name known in the competitive eating world. But it's not just hot dogs! The chomping champ holds 46 world records, Major League Eating reports, calling him "the greatest eater in history." 

When it comes to Chestnut's preferences, well, there are none. The eating machine will happily shovel down pretty much everything, from Twinkies to tamales — whatever it is, you can bet Chestnut will make it disappear within ten minutes or less. Occasionally he'll commit to a longer endeavor, like when he at 413 chicken wings in 12 hours (via Distractify). It's mind-boggling when you think about it! Here's a rundown of all 46 of his world records that will shock and awe any food fan.

All the sweets Joey Chestnut can eat in 10 minutes or less

Thanks to Major League Eating, who hails Joey Chestnut as "an American hero and national treasure," we have a record of all the impressive speed eating accomplishments he has added to his metaphorical title belt over the years. One thing the hungry adversary seems down to gobble up are desserts, and there's plenty of them he's devoured in record time.

Ten minutes may not seem like a lot, but it's more than enough for Chestnut to satisfy his sweet tooth. Ice cream sandwiches are no match for this food champ, as he can take down 25.5 of them in just six minutes. Tacking on just two more minutes to the clock, Chestnut has filled his stomach with 55 glazed donuts, 14.5 pounds of boysenberry pie, 4.375 three-pound apple pies, and 81 Eggo waffles in that amount of time. There is one dessert that took a bit longer for him to finish, but to be fair it was 5.9 pounds of funnel cake, and Chestnut still consumed it in only 10 minutes.

When Major League Eating says Chestnut's appetite is "legendary," they aren't kidding!

Sandwiches aren't just a quick lunch for this competitive eater

Sandwiches aren't the easiest meal to scarf down quickly. Any average eater would likely use two hands — and take their time — to enjoy a 6" Philly cheesesteak, but Chestnut is too focused on eating 23 of them in ten minutes to consider any proper dining etiquette. He can also give toddlers a run for their money with his grilled cheese intake, taking down 47 in just ten minutes (via Major League Eating). When it comes to barbecue, this champ will consume it in any form. He has downed 45 pulled pork sandwiches, 62 pulled pork sliders, and 27 beef brisket BBQ sandwiches, each within just ten minutes. While it's not a sandwich, he can also devour 13.76 pounds of pork ribs in 12 quick minutes.

The speed eating contestant has happily taken down some specialty sandwiches from all over the world as well. Continuing with his 10-minute mark, Chestnut has cleaned up a plate of 20 corned beef sandwiches, 30 gyros, 81 mutton sandwiches, 23 meat pies, and 36 pepperoni rolls. He also took home a trophy for devouring 28.5 canteen loose-meat sandwiches in ten minutes; the sandwich is what Food & Wine calls a mix between a burger and a Sloppy Joe.

When he's sick of sandwiches, Chestnut is also known to enjoy some appetizers as well — but in enough quantities to feed a family. In only eight minutes, the food champ has taken down 141 hard-boiled eggs, 390 shrimp wontons, 165 pierogies, 56 sausage and cheese kolaches, and 18 pounds of shrimp cocktail.

Chestnut devours signature brands in record time too

Over the years, Chestnut has attracted many fans, including food companies — in fact, it's almost an accomplishment to get Joey Chestnut to take an interest in your product. And many have done so, courting Chestnut to break records with their namesake goods. In that time, he's feasted on 257 Hostess Donettes in just six minutes and, in the same amount of time, he's taken on 121 Twinkies. Chestnut has made his mark on plenty of other brand's products in ten minutes or less, like consuming 103 burgers from Krystal, steamed bun, diced onions, and all, in just eight minutes. In that same amount of time, he's  devoured 185 Catalina Croquetas and seven pounds of shrimp from California's well-known San Pedro Fish Market.

In the same amount of time it would take you to catch up on the news, Chestnut has scarfed down enough fast food for a small village, too. He's polished off 52 cheeseburgs from White Hut, 53 beef tacos from Taco Bell, 7.5 P'Zones from Pizza Hut, and 384 Day-Lee Foods brand gyoza, all in just ten minutes. Chestnut has also made a stop in the Big Apple to devour 25 pastrami sandwiches from the one and only Katz's Delicatessen in the same amount of time. The eater was likewise super speedy when destroying 30 fish tacos from Joey's Seafood Restaurants in just five minutes, confirms Major League Eating. Although, his fastest accomplishment was 10 Nissin Cup Noodles Ramen in under two minutes (one minute and 50 seconds to be exact).

Chestnut holds records for foods that aren't for the faint of heart

It's clear that Joey Chestnut can endure eating copious amounts of food, but he can take some serious heat as well. Major League Eating says he managed to successfully consume 7.61 pounds of buffalo chicken wings in only 12 minutes. While they may not have been packed with tons of spice, he's also eaten 182 chicken wings in just a half-hour. That may be one of his longer records, but can you imagine eating nearly 200 chicken wings before an episode of "Friends" has even finished?

A typical serving of soup or stew is about a cup and a half, according to Very Well Fit, but that's not nearly enough to satiate the food champion. Chestnut polished off 15 bowls of gumbo that were each 16 ounces. That's 1.875 gallons of gumbo and in only eight minutes. The Cajun seasonings can really pack a punch so we're guessing Chestnut was likely reaching for water by the end of that competition. 

He has also certainly enjoyed his fair share of tacos. He's been able to eat 82 carnitas tacos in just eight quick minutes. In the same amount of time, he's also filled his stomach with 126 traditional tacos, but it's the 54 "brain tacos" (actual cow brain) he downed as part of a zombie pub crawl that really has us holding our stomachs.

In 12 minutes, he's also savored 102 tamales, which typically are doused in fiery salsas after being steamed according to Culture Trip, which is enough to give off some serious heartburn.

He's somehow still standing after breaking all these records

In just ten minutes, Joey Chestnut can make a lot of magic happen. He's powered through the spice and zest of 118 jalapeño poppers, 14.5 pounds of burritos, and 9.6 lbs of pulled pork. That much flavor could make your heart skip a beat — or worse — but the hungry competitor didn't stop there. With just ten minutes on the clock, Chestnut has also challenged his stomach to 28 pounds of poutine, 12-plus pounds of deep-fried asparagus, 13 pounds of salt potatoes, and an entire turkey the size of an infant, weighing 9.35 pounds! (via MLE).

His belly still somehow made it through 6.5 pizza slices that were 2 feet in length, and last but not least, Chestnut conquered a 12-minute meal that would put most people into a deep food coma: He took down 6.5 pounds of horseshoe sandwiches, which is essentially an open-faced burger piled high with cheese sauce and French fries, says What's Cooking America.

Thankfully Chestnut still seems to be in relative good health after putting his body through all these challenges, which can have a real dark side to them including long-term risks to the body and even choking hazards. Still Chestnut has lived to tell the tale and is $1.5 million richer for it. Not a bad chunk of change for getting paid to eat.