Pop-Tarts Has 2 New Flavors Inspired By Your Favorite Donuts

Get ready to drool: Pop-Tarts' new Pop-Tarts x Donuts line will be hitting stores in late December, with Kellogg's telling Mashed in a press release that they'll be "here just in time for holiday mornings." The flavors certainly sound celebration-ready. Inspired by real bestselling donut flavors at shops across the United States, Kellogg's will be releasing two new Pop-Tarts: frosted Boston creme and apple fritter, which will be sold in eight-pack boxes. 

These Pop-Tarts are a far cry from day-old chocolate glazed donuts (that have to be dunked in coffee in order to be edible). Like your favorite flavors of classic Pop-Tarts, these new varieties have a flaky crust, sugary icing, and a soft center that you can enjoy warm or cold, depending on whether you prefer your Pop-Tarts toasted or straight out of the pantry. We haven't tried them yet, but we imagine that the apple fritter has the gooey center and lightly crisp edges of the classic donut shop treat, while the frosted Boston creme will hopefully taste as chocolaty and rich as Boston cream pie.

Pop-Tarts lovers are eager to try new donut-inspired flavors

After Pop-Tarts posted about its new flavors on Facebook with the clever caption, "Pop-Tarts run > donut run," the social media channel lit up with comments from users anticipating the unique takes on their favorite donut orders. "I gotta try the Boston Cream Donuts one, omg!!!!!!!" wrote one fan, while another stated, "I'll definitely try the apple fritter." A third user tagged a friend and boldly wrote, "if you happen to see the Boston creme ones I would personally consider it a stocking stuffer."

Frosted Boston creme and apple fritter will join dozens of other favorite Pop-Tarts flavors, ranging from frosted strawberry milkshake to frosted chocolate chip cookie dough and even Froot Loops, per Pop-Tarts' website. And in case you missed it, there's also a current limited-edition item, the sugar cookie Pop-Tart, which Kellogg's describes as having a sugar cookie dough filling inside a vanilla-flavored crust. Sounds like holiday breakfasts are about to get a little sweeter.