McDonald's Indonesia's Newest Pie Has An Unexpected Filling

While Stateside customers long for the day when they have more than just apple slices and french fries to choose from on the sides menu at McDonald's, diners in international locations are already trying out some exciting new items at the global fast food heavyweight. For instance, in South Korea, McDonald's is serving a delicious-sounding spicy mac and cheese burger, and over in Japan, it's doling out savory beef stew pies, per Japan Today

Not the branch of McDonald's restaurants to be outdone, the chain's Indonesian arm has also launched a limited-time lineup of new items. Interestingly, the selection pays homage to foods from another country entirely: Italy. McDonald's Indonesia's Taste of Italy menu offers foods and drinks themed around the Bel Paese, according to Brand Eating, and there is a very tempting-looking fried pie in the mix. Curious if this new Italian-themed pie would have you saying, "That's amore?"

McDonald's Indonesia is serving a pizza pie

One of the new items on the McDonald's Indonesia's Taste of Italy menu is a pie — and, this time, it's not stuffed with apples. According to Brand Eating, the pizza pie is a savory fried pastry filled with cheese, peppers, mushrooms, and tomato sauce. While there are no zeppole on the temporary menu, there are some other items that might make for a good Italian-inspired pairing with the pizza pie.

The Taste of Italy menu also includes two alfredo-flavored sandwiches: the beef alfredo burger with scrambled eggs and the McSpicy alfredo burger with chicken, which can be washed down with the chain's Instagrammable new drink, the Italian soda. The beverage is more visually stimulating than its name implies, as its red, white, and green layers of strawberry, lemon, and coconut gel recall the colors of the Italian flag. It can even become an Italian cream soda with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Topping off the Italian-inspired menu are a few tiramisu libations, including a tiramisu iced coffee, which can be made into a coffee float with jelly or vanilla ice cream, and even a tiramisu McFlurry that contains tiramisu-flavored syrup and either crushed Biscoff or Oreo cookies. Lucky McDonald's diners in Indonesia will be able to enjoy the Taste of Italy menu through January 16, 2022, while the rest of us will just have to dream from afar.