Ree Drummond Has Been Inducted Into This State's Hall Of Fame

Ree Drummond has a laundry list of accolades and achievements. Naturally, she would probably count her family as her greatest, but per IMDb, "The Pioneer Woman" star has earned everything from New York Festivals Awards to Telly Awards, and has even been nominated for an Emmy. But did you know that Drummond was also inducted into a state's hall of fame?  That's right, the home cook turned blogger turned Food Network star is a Hall of Famer for the state of Oklahoma. 

According to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, Drummond was inducted in December 2018, and in her speech, she shared, "I am so proud to be an Oklahoman." During her remarks, she revealed that she has Carrie Underwood, who was also inducted into the Hall of Fame, to thank when calming her nerves. "I would like to thank Carrie Underwood for the mantra I say whether I am getting on a plane or standing back stage getting ready to speak. 'Jesus take the wheel.'" Drummond goes on to share that she grew-up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where the population numbered a "scant" 35,000. She at first thought she would pack up and move to a big city, but life had other plans for her.

She eventually moved to an even smaller town

Drummond shared in her speech that she planned to move to Chicago after finishing school in Los Angeles, but she never made it there because "a Wrangler wearing cowboy" forced her to fall in love with him. Soon Drummond was living in what she called a "little house on the prairie" in a town of just 3,500. Drummond admits that the transition from a big city to a little town was not "smooth." She recalled those early days, saying, "There were skunks under the house. Bobcats in the trash. Mice in the walls. Snakes everywhere. There were cows in my flowerbeds. Horses staring in my window at night. I grew up reading true crime novels, and I was convinced there was a serial killer outside of our very rural house, and it was usually just a horse, looking in my window."

But 22 years later, Drummond has made Oklahoma her permanent home. She credited Oklahoma for helping her realize her true self. She concluded by saying, "God willing, and the creek don't rise," it will be her home forever. So sweet!