Read This Before Buying Olive Oil In A Clear Bottle

If you want a high-quality olive oil that will taste fresh and last for months in your pantry without going rotten, look at the packaging before you make your purchase.

Joseph Profaci, executive director of The North American Olive Oil Association, tells Well+Good that the perfect olive oil packaging will effectively keep out light, heat, and air, which are all the things that can turn your olive oil rancid over time. A dark-tinted bottle will keep light out of your olive oil, which helps it last longer in the store and at home. But don't discount olive oil that has been packaged in a clear bottle, as Alexandra Devarenne, co-founder of The Extra Virgin Alliance shares with Well+Good, "Some of the world's finest olive oils are packaged in clear bottles but they will also be put into boxes." 

When choosing olive oil in a clear bottle, it should also include an exterior box, which is a sign that the oil was protected from natural and artificial light during the time it's been sitting on the grocery store shelf.

Storing your olive oil at home

Before taking your olive oil to the checkout, make sure the seal and cap are not damaged, and that the bottle is in good condition. Once you've made your olive oil purchase and arrive home from the grocery store, protecting your olive oil is then up to you. Proper storage, The Kitchn explains, will further protect your oil from light, heat, and air, which extends its shelf life.

If you purchased olive oil in a dark bottle, go ahead and store it in a pantry cupboard, away from your oven or any other heat source. If you purchased olive oil in a clear bottle, take things a step further and keep the extra packaging it came with, as this will help ensure freshness and longevity. 

If you want to store your olive oil in a reusable bottle, choose one with a dark tint or a stainless steel container. Avoid storing the oil in plastic, iron, or copper containers and, whatever you do, make sure you always store your oil in a container that features an air-tight cap or lid.