The Internet Supports Kelly Clarkson After She Comes Out As 'Chip Licker'

Kelly Clarkson has come a long way since her days as the original "American Idol." Now, she's a mogul and influencer in her own right, as the host of her own talk show and a fully decorated singer-songwriter. At least one habit remains from her pre-fame days, however. That habit? Chip-licking. That's right, she likes to lick the cheese off of Doritos, then discard the chip. Cue a strong reaction one way or the other.

Clarkson blew actor Sterling K. Brown's mind during a December 7 appearance on her talk show when the pair revealed their "obsessions." Chip-licking came out as one of Clarkson's. "I don't like a chip really, in general," she told Brown. "But boy, I love that dust cheese." She added that she has to wait until she's alone to indulge in her chip-licking habit because "people get grossed out." But now, her Doritos obsession is out of the bag. For the record, Brown asked if she bothers with Cool Ranch Doritos, but Clarkson responded that she doesn't "have time for that."

Although some people were shocked by the revelation, others have flooded the internet with like-minded commentary. Apparently, the "Because of You" singer admitting this habit makes fans feel all kinds of "seen."

Fans reacted to Kelly Clarkson's chip-licking

After the December 7 episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" aired, the show's Instagram page posted, "POLL: Is Kelly's Dorito dust obsession delicious or disgusting?" Kristin Chenoweth is apparently Team Chip, commenting, "This is the only thing that we disagree on."

However, there's plenty of support for Team Dust. One user commented, "I thought I was the only one," on the Instagram post. Some fans took to other forms of social media to support Kelly Clarkson. One fan posted, "chip lickers unite!" on Twitter, adding that while she gets strange looks for this practice, she doesn't put the chips back in the bag, at least. "Seriously didn't think I could love @kellyclarkson more and then I see on Insta today that she too enjoys Dorito cheese dust over the actual chip!" tweeted another fan.

Others were just there for Sterling K. Brown's reaction to the chip-licking news. "His reaction is the best," one fan commented on the Instagram post. Singer-songwriter Leslie Grace concurred, writing, "Hysterical. His reaction is everything."

One fan might have said it best, though: "This is a judgement [sic] free zone." Well-put — the chip-lickers of the world thank you for your tolerance. It seems that this food preference no longer has to be enjoyed in the pantry's shadows. But based on the responses, it looks like some people might be asking others to keep their hands out of the snack bowl.

Other celebs have strange Doritos habits, too

Kelly Clarkson isn't alone in her preference for Doritos dust. In 2015, Chrissy Teigen told Delish, "I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag." Based on that statement, guests might be cautious when grabbing a bag of Doritos from her pantry. 

And while these admissions are just about enjoying the chip dust, Clarkson and Teigen aren't the only celebrities who can't resist Doritos. In a 2014 Vanity Fair interview, the "American Hustle" costume designer revealed that Jennifer Lawerence wasn't afraid to snack on Doritos while in costume, which led to chip dust becoming an extra accessory to her look. 

While people may agree to disagree on whether chip-licking is socially acceptable, Doritos dust could become a food fad of its own. If "Cheetle" has captivated Cheetos fans, it might be time for some "Dustitos" seasoning (Doritos chip seasoning) on store shelves, too.

What's in Doritos dust that keeps people coming back for more?

While people may agree to disagree on chip-licking, many can stand behind the craving for Doritos. Although many chips have that satisfying crunch, the uniqueness of the nacho cheese flavor has people opening bag after bag. And while's description of Doritos Dust cravings may be overstated (via the New York Post), the paper's reporting supports the idea that the particular dust flavor has people salivating for a scientific reason.

As food scientist Steven A. Witherly shared with the outlet, the Doritos recipe's lactic and citric acids create a response that leads people to want more and more. Specifically, the dust triggers physical reactions that keep the cycle going to the point where some people keep eating until the bag is empty. From licking chips to licking fingers, Doritos dust drives cravings for the snack chip.

As for where Doritos stands on the chip-licking debate, the company has previously joined the dust conversation with various takes on the obsession with the cheese flavor. From the Finger Cleaner commercial to the Doritos Finger Lick commercial that touts the "best part, cheese" as one man fulfills his quest to eat any leftover dust, the love of Doritos dust isn't a new concept. Doritos might never stand publicly behind Team Dust or Team Chip, but the cheese flavor is the key to its snacking success.