Del Taco's Christmas Stocking Comes Stuffed With These

Christmas just isn't Christmas without stockings hung by the chimney with care. According to Baby Centre, the tradition of hanging stockings dates back to the legend of when St. Nick filled the stockings of 3 sisters with gold. Today, in place of gold, most people get an orange or one of Terry's Chocolate Orange balls, but clearly, we love this part of the festive holiday. We often find ourselves rushing to Target, Whole Foods, McDonald's, Five Guys, and all of our favorite fast-food restaurants to buy little presents and gift cards to stuff inside our fuzzy, knitted, and embroidered stockings. 

Well, Christmas is just 12 days away, and if you are frantically looking for gift or stocking stuffer ideas for friends and families, we have some good news for you. Your favorite taco fast-food chain may have just what you need. Del Taco is showing its holiday spirit in a very Del Taco way with a special stocking with a little kick. We are betting this spicy gem will help you check off everyone you have left on your Christmas list. 

It's filled with 100 packets

Per Chew Boom, Del Taco is selling a stocking filled with 100 packets of its signature hot sauce — that's right, 100 glorious packets of this sweat-inducing, nose-running hot sauce. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who is a fan of the chain and loves to heat things up. Of course, Del Taco understands everyone's palate is a little different when it comes to the level of heat their tongues can withstand. You can choose whether your stocking is filled with the taco chain's Mild, Del Scorcho, or Del Inferno hot sauce. These stockings are hot and will let you stick to a $20-per-person budget. According to its website, Del Taco is selling these festive gifts for $19.99.

But this hot sauce-filled stocking is not the only seasonal gift Del Taco is offering. It's also created hot sauce tree ornaments that resemble the 3 different packets of hot sauce, a limited-edition holiday sauce tin filled with a whopping 300 packets of hot sauce, and special holiday Del Taco wrapping to help Santa's elves appropriately package these gifts. Del Taco really has thought of everything, so get to shopping ASAP, and don't forget to check out their 12 Days of Del.