This Clam Dish Is One Of Andrew Zimmern's Top 10 Favorite Foods

Everyone has their favorite foods that they can't get enough of. Maybe it's a juicy hunk of steak, maybe it's Mom's homemade spaghetti and meatballs, maybe it's a fudgy brownie fresh out of the oven. YouGov compiled a ranking of the most popular favorite foods in the U.S. and found that top picks included French fries, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, and fried chicken. It's about as American as it gets.

Of course, even professional chefs have their go-to eats. Take Andrew Zimmern, for instance. While the James Beard Award-winning chef and TV host has undoubtedly eaten hundreds if not thousands of gourmet meals over the years during his career in the food world, there are some dishes he returns to over and over again. But he's not about basic burgers and mac and cheese. Chef Zimmern recently posted one of his favorite foods on his Instagram, and the unique culinary concoction has his followers drooling.

Andrew Zimmern loves clams with black bean sauce

Apparently, Andrew Zimmern is a big fan of seafood, specifically clams. In a recent Instagram post, the celebrity chef shared a photo of what he described as clams with black bean sauce, calling it, "Top ten all time favorite foods." Fans enthusiastically chimed in about how tasty chef Zimmern's dish looks. A handful even said that the seafood medley is also their favorite dish.

If you agree with the above fans, you can recreate the clams with black bean sauce for yourself at home — chef Zimmern posted the easy-to-make recipe on his website. Cooked in a wok, the dish is flavored with garlic, ginger, scallions, and hot chile peppers. "I've always loved clams," he explains (via "During my childhood summers, my dad and I would spend the day clamming in the bay of Long Island's South Fork. I can eat the briny, succulent shellfish by the dozens."