DoorDash's 2021 Top Convenience Store Orders Are More Obvious Than You Think

Over the last year, food delivery services and apps have skyrocketed in popularity. It's partly thanks to the pandemic — for a while, many of us had no other option but to order takeout in lieu of actually going to a restaurant — but it's also thanks to our love of all things quick and easy. After all, why go sit in traffic and then sit at a restaurant waiting for your food while your stomach is growling, when you can easily have your favorite dish delivered to your home in under an hour without even changing out of your pajamas?

One of the most popular food delivery services is DoorDash. According to data, some 20 million people place orders on DoorDash every single month (via Backlinko). But what exactly are customers ordering the most? DoorDash recently released its annual "Deep Dish Report: Best of the Neighborhood in 2021." Among the rankings are the top convenience store orders placed on the app, whether you're snagging food from your nearest Wawa or 7-11. Here's what Americans loved to order from convenience stores in 2021 via DoorDash.

People love ice cream and candy for a quick snack

When you're in the mood for a late-night snack or something to chomp on while you're watching reruns of your favorite show, what do you reach for? Probably not the carrot sticks in the fridge or an egg white omelette. You likely reach for something a little more fun — and DoorDash's annual report reflects that. 

"This year, customers discovered new snacking and convenience moments and experiences and we all know every moment pairs well with a good snack," the brand explained, noting that ice cream reigned supreme as the number one convenience order. That's not surprising, given that a YouGov survey found that 96% of Americans eat ice cream. In terms of flavors, chocolate chip cookie dough was the top pick overall, but other beloved flavors included chocolate fudge brownie, vanilla, and mint.

As for the other most popular convenience snacks, they are as follows: lemon-lime soda, mac and cheese bites, peanut butter cups (hello, Reese's!), energy drinks, sour cream and onion potato chips, sour gummy worms, beef jerky, frosted mini donuts, and pickle bites. Clearly, Americans have a bit of a sweet tooth and love snacking on processed food more than anything else. Surprised? We're not.