Fans Will Wait Hours For These Disney Christmas Cookies

A trip to Walt Disney World in Florida (or Disneyland in California) doesn't begin when you step inside the giant park. A trip to Disney beings months in advance: Buying the right entry bands, staying at the right place, mapping out just how much you can do because you can never do it all in one go, and the most important bit — making a bucket list of all the things you'd like to eat.

Anyone who knows anything about Disney World will tell you that the food is the best part about it, on par with all the star attractions. The frozen pineapple Dole Whip, the Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles and ice cream bars, the flavored churros, and breakfast cones are but a handful of the popular treats that Disney World is famous for (via Spoon University). Even something as ordinary as mac 'n cheese or French toast can be a novelty when you're at Disney.

While these snacks are relatively easy to find at the park, there are other restaurants and cafés that are so good that they often have park goers queuing up in long lines outside. On a recent trip to Disney World during the holiday season, Insider found queues that were five-hours-long outside Gideon's Bakehouse in Disney Springs. However, rather than being disappointed with the long wait time, the site found that the treats that Gideon's had in store inside were well worth the wait!

Gideon's Bakehouse delivers the goods with topping-filled cookies

While Gideon's Bakehouse already has a shop elsewhere in Orlando, Disney World announced that the bakery was coming to the park last summer. Per Delish, fans welcomed the new attraction with 11-hour-long queues! It turns out, people love their half-pound cookies that are baked with top-quality ingredients. In fact, the site reports that Gideon's founder Steve Lewis spent 15 years working on the bakehouse's classic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

To get a taste of their giant topping-covered cookies, Insider lined up outside the bakehouse an hour before its opening time. Even then, the site found that there were people already queuing up with lines stretching for blocks, especially since the bakehouse was selling limited-edition Christmas goodies. This makes sense considering the official website says that the earlier you go, the better chance you have at getting your choice of cookies before they quickly sell out with each passing minute.

Fortunately, Insider found that pretty much all their offerings — white chocolate chip-topped Kris Kringle cookies, mint-and-chocolate-flavored Krampus cookies, and similar cakes — were all generously sprinkled with toppings, full of flavor, came in gigantic portions, and were very much worth the wait. The best time to go to the bakery it seems is early in the morning since the site found queues outside Gideon's all throughout the day.

The only downside? Per the website, there's a six cookie limit per person, so maybe take a friend to stock up!