Aldi Shoppers May Want To Grab This Winter Sampler Cheesecake

Aldi is a dessert lover's paradise and has a lot of different options to offer. For example, a Belmont cheesecake sampler has made its way back to Aldi outlets for the winter season (via Instagram). As explained by Delish, one of the things that makes these cheesecakes so attractive is that they eliminate the need to make a festive cheesecake from scratch, a task that would probably feel especially stressful during the holiday season when there's already so much else to do. They also allow you to try multiple flavors without having to buy multiple whole cheesecakes.

The sampler was released last year as well and included different flavors such as chocolate marble, white chocolate raspberry, New York-style, and amaretto. Each pack was available for approximately $10 and could be located in the freezer section at Aldi. Judging from a post by Instagram user Adventures in Aldi, this year's release appears to have most of the same flavors. However, the sampler lists a raspberry swirl option instead of white chocolate raspberry.

The options look appealing

Responding to the post by Adventures in Aldi, Instagram user @la_chinaxo posted, "These r good." Another commenter tagged a fellow user, declaring, "you need this." Fan account  Aldi Reviewer had mostly good things to say about the dessert. "This is an excellent cheesecake from Aldi," they wrote. "The flavor variety is nice, although the less-common Amaretto was the last flavor my family got around to eating." Though the writer "thought the crust ends were on the chewy side and slightly hard," they clearly thought the upsides overshadowed the downsides.

As pointed out by Aldi Reviewer, the cheesecake sampler is available in packs of 12 slices and can work for the entire family with flavors such as New York-style, which the writer described as a "classic and solid choice." Note that the cheesecakes must be thawed for eight to 12 hours before serving and can be stored in the fridge for about a week after the thawing process is complete.