Subway's Turkey Might Be Worse Than Their Tuna, According To Reddit

Every restaurant has their fair share of scandals and stumbles, especially in the greasy world of fast food. From blundered tweets like Burger King's "Women belong in the kitchen" — which was a failed attempt at showing support to women entering the field of professional culinary arts (via Adweek) — to a customer allegedly being served a deep-fried rat, tail and all, at a KFC (via CNN), it's safe to say that just like their grills and fryers, the records of these fast food giants isn't always squeaky clean. And bearing some of the more brutal and shocking fast food scandals is popular sandwich chain Subway

In 2015, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, famous for claiming a diet of Subway sandwiches helped him lose weight, got busted for child pornography and soliciting illegal acts from minors, giving the chain the monumental challenge of scrubbing him out of the picture (via NBC). If that wasn't bad enough, Subway fans were recently shocked by the claim that Subway's tuna wasn't actually tuna at all. Moreover, no one seemed to have any idea just what the heck it was, since it contained everything from pork to chicken DNA (per CBS). 

Although the case was eventually tossed and Subway even made a Snopes-esque fact check promoting their "real tuna," there was still some damage done to the chain as a whole. According to Redditors claiming to be former deli workers and employees, Subway might be a lot more disgusting than one may think.

Redditors are disgusted by the quick-service sandwich chain

On the forum r/AskReddit, a question was posed to Reddit-browsing fast food workers: Which item should people absolutely stop ordering from your restaurant? One Redditor mentioned a story about a rat getting ground up into a milkshake machine at McDonalds, and another described microwaving fish and rice at Long John Silver's. But the most shocking claims were about Subway, with stories ranging from mildly uncomfortable to downright disgusting.

'Subway's meat all comes packaged. No surprise really. However, when you open up the package of turkey, you get hit with a wave of farts," said user catsnbrains. "The turkey smells like real, actual human farts." The alleged former employee spared no unsavory detail, describing how leftover meat and vegetables from the night before were used before any of the fresh produce was even touched. Another user, jcproam, noted that the vile smell from the turkey was probably the sulfates used to preserve the meat, although this may provide little comfort. 

"'No offense but I can't believe subway still exists" said user sawdeanz. "I may be a little more biased cuz I used to work in a deli, but I can tell the Subway meat is like the lowest grade deli meat, the cheese slices are skimpy, the bread is soggy, the pickles are lame, the veggies often look old." The user added that any other sandwich place "blows Subway out of the water," with better prices to boot.