Reddit Is Cracking Up Over This Bizarre Starbucks Review

When you pull up to Starbucks on your morning commute or while traveling, you're likely in a bit of rush and the last thing you want to do is spend 10 minutes (or much more) waiting in line for indecisive customers ahead of you who can't figure out what they want for breakfast — or waiting for your fancy caramel macchiato to be prepared. That's why the drive-thru exists. Rather than go through the hassle of actually parking, getting out of your car, standing in line, and waiting for your drink, you can order it from the comfort of your car, and hopefully experience a much quicker wait time.

However, while the drive-thru should be more convenient in theory, that isn't always the case. Bloomberg reports that the Starbucks drive-thru has the longest wait time of all its competitors (including Dunkin' and Tim Hortons) at an average of 4.44 minutes. One Redditor can confirm the not-so-speedy ordering option, having recently shared a negative review about the local cafe in which they work.

This customer was not impressed by the Starbucks drive-thru

In the Reddit post, a user claiming to be a Starbuck barista shared a screenshot of a review, which read, "All [three] of my children were born while waiting in the drive-thru for this Starbucks. And it was only one trip." While the story seems unbelievable, that didn't stop other Redditors for chiming in about what may have happened at this particular customer's drive-thru. "She gets a recovery card for her wait time and some Starbucks branded onesies for the babies. Only requirement is that the kids must be named Howard, Kevin, and Rossann," one person joked. Another staged a made-up conversation that the employee working the drive-thru that day may have heard: "Can I order another birthday cake pop?' -muffled screaming- 'Actually wait...I need another.'"

If the review happened to be true, it wouldn't have been the first time a baby has been born at the national coffee retailer. Good Morning America reports that in 2002, a Starbucks barista helped a female customer give birth inside a cafe in Wilmette, Illinois.