This 'Frosted Flakes' Dunkin' Secret Menu Drink Had Fans Gagging

If you're a veteran of the Internet, you probably know all about secret menus. You know, those supposedly classified menu items that only a real in-the-know fast food connoisseur would be smart enough to order. It could be as surprisingly delicious like a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Chick-Fil-A or a French Dip Max from Arby's. Some restaurants like In-N-Out actually encourage their customers to order off their secret menu, allowing you to get anything from Well-Done Fries to "Animal-Style" burgers. 

But chances are that ordering a "secret item" at your local Panera Bread or Starbucks may not go over smoothly with the line cooks, baristas, and cashiers. According to Spoon University, employees find secret menu items a hassle, since it requires them to not only figure out what you're even talking about, but also to spend more time on the orders. The end result may not even be something that borders on the absurd or the disgusting, like a monstrously massive T-Rex Burger from Wendy's or a Land, Sea, and Air Burger from McDonald's. One such "secret menu" item actually comes directly from the experiments of a Dunkin' Donuts employee — a coffee drink so disgustingly sweet that it made Redditors feel like they were suffering from a sugar rush. 

This Dunkin' secret menu item is said to taste just like Frosted Flakes

On the Dunkin' Donuts forum on Reddit, a reported employee of the coffee chain posted a custom-made order they claimed tastes exactly like Frosted Flakes. The recipe apparently calls for three shots of cream, two shots of liquid cane sugar, four shots of caramel swirl, three shots of toasted almond, and three shots of smoked vanilla syrup in an Original Blend ice coffee, topped off with cold foam. While this drink definitely isn't lacking in sugar, it's a bit too sweet for some Redditors.

"I have a cavity from reading that," said user emilyuwo. "There's no room for coffee," user TommyPrickles joked. "16oz cup. Filled 2/3 with ice. Three creams, 2 liquid sugars, 7 flavor swirl pumps. And then top it with an inch of cold foam? I repeat, there's literally no room for coffee." Another commentator joked that they too like to drink syrup straight from the bottle.

Someone else, however, shared their own recipe for a secret menu item. Thirteen whole milk, three caramel swirls, and four Splenda in a medium iced coffee, they claim, tastes exactly like Honey Nut Cheerios.