Duff Goldman Just Won The Internet With This Adorable Baby Photo

Most baking fans will know Duff Goldman from the scrumptious and spectacular sweet treats he makes, or from the expertise and opinions he shares on one of the many shows in which he appears as a judge. However, there's another important role in Goldman's life beyond being a pastry chef and a television personality, and it's one he highlighted in a recent adorable Twitter share. Goldman is also a new father to his young daughter, Josephine, and the smitten papa has shared plenty of snaps of his pride and joy on his social media accounts, with the most recent Twitter post capturing the hearts of his many followers.

Goldman shared a picture taken from inside his vehicle, where a small mirror showed the reflection of his daughter dozing in her car seat. However, Goldman and Josephine weren't on a long road trip, or en route anywhere, really. Rather, as Goldman explained in the Tweet that accompanied the picture, he was just "sitting in my driveway listening to music because the baby is too peaceful to disturb."

The renowned pastry chef also shared a bit about just how captivated he was by his daughter, playfully adding that he wished he could jump into the back seat where she was all snug and "munch on those cheeks!" The sweet post received more than 700 likes within just a few minutes of going live, and several fans responded as well.

What fans are saying about Goldman's adorable photo

Several individuals took to Goldman's Twitter post to share adorable images or videos of their own children or grandchildren, telling the star baker that they felt the exact same way about their own bundles of joy.

The photo also triggered a bit of nostalgia in many fans, many of whom remembered being in Goldman's position as a parent behind the wheel, unwilling to disturb a sleeping child. One person simply wrote, "Love that. I used to do that when my boys were little, all the time." Another chimed in, "I remember those days. They go by so fast though. Savor each one." Yet another actually somewhat recalled being in Josephine's position, Tweeting, "When I was a baby, my dad would take me for drives because it would send me to sleep in an instant."

While the beloved cake maker likely keeps plenty of his family life private, he does frequently thrill fans with glimpses into his new role as a father, including all the celebrations surrounding Josephine's first holiday season. Back in November, he shared an Instagram post in which he commemorated "Josephine's first #chanukah!" He also brought his followers along on the journey of creating a large sensory board, seen in this post, for his daughter to enjoy as a holiday gift.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Josephine picks up her father's baking prowess and starts trying her hand at mud pies or Easy Bake treats sometime soon. We're sure Duff will share those moments, too.