Betty Crocker Just Dropped A Nostalgic New Pancake Mix

Do you love pancakes? If so, in addition to stirring together homemade buttermilk or blueberry buckwheat pancakes, you might occasionally peruse the aisles of your local supermarket to check out the pancake mixes on offer. It seems like there's a staggering variety to choose from these days, from Trader Joe's chocolate chip pancake mix to Pearl Milling Company's classic mix that was formerly known as Aunt Jemima (via USA Today).

Apart from being quick and easy to make, what can be fun about pancake mixes is the endless opportunity to customize them, from adding spices or fruit to a gooey layer of Nutella. Some pancake aficionados have even been known to mix colorful sprinkles into their pancakes mixes, whether homemade or store bought, in an effort to create Funfetti-style  pancakes in the manner of the ever-popular rainbow-streaked cake mix manufactured by Pillsbury and other brands. And now, Betty Crocker has introduced a sprinkle-laced pancake mix that honors a nostalgic snack which attracts a Funfetti-like level of praise and devotion.

A pancake mix that pays homage to Dunkaroos

If you were a kid during the '90s, the chances are high that — in addition to other lunchbox classics like Gushers and Fruit by the Foot — you have fond memories of Dunkaroos, the packaged tray of cookies that came with its own little well of rich frosting for dunking (via the official website). The sweet treat was always in high demand on the playground, and why wouldn't it be? Kids loved the crunchy interactive snack. However, Dunkaroos ended up being pulled from store shelves back in 2012, after Betty Crocker, the brand that manufactured them, received criticism for the cookies' way-unhealthy nutritional profile and the TV commercials that targeted children directly. But long after Dunkaroos were discontinued, customers continued to clamor for them, and last year, Betty Crocker relented, returning a somewhat modified Dunkaroos product to supermarkets (via Delish).

And now, the brand is offering a breakfast-y take on its famous cookies: A Dunkaroos pancake mix with colorful rainbow sprinkles, an homage to the cookies' most popular flavor. According to Best Products, Betty Crocker has introduced a Dunkaroos pancake mix that comes with a packet of sprinkle-accented vanilla frosting that's just like the kind you'd find next to the snackable cookies. "The Dunkaroos Rainbow Sprinkles Pancake Kit delivers the classic Dunkaroos taste as warm, fluffy pancakes," the pancake mix's official description reads. Cue the '90s nostalgia.