Twitter Is Cracking Up Over Valerie Bertinelli's Cooking 'Burn'

Novice cooks can expect to get burned in the kitchen, just usually not by their own mothers. Valerie Bertinelli's son, Wolfgang (Wolf) Van Halen, recently entered a Twitter battle over his musical skills being compared to his late father, Eddie Van Halen. And when the conversation turned to his cooking abilities, one might have expected his mother to come to his aid, but instead, she jumped on the bandwagon in a hilarious Twitter post.

According to Food Network, Bertinelli is a judge on "Kids Baking Championship" and host of "Valerie's Home Cooking." The Emmy award-winning host and best-selling cookbook author has proven her talents in the kitchen, but her son clearly took after his dad and went for a career in music, recently launching his band Mammoth WVH. While Twitter was recently embroiled in questioning Wolf's musical abilities, one person was wondering about his kitchen skills instead and Tweeted, "I gotta chime in here, Wolfy, 50% [Eddie Van Halen] and 50% [Valerie Bertinelli], so when is everyone going to start busting your balls over how you don't cook like your mom?"

Bertinelli, whose Twitter handle is @wolfiesmom, responded to the Twitter conversation with a simple GIF stating, "It's true tho." Ouch, mom!

Bertinelli jokes with her son about how he can't cook

Wolfgang Van Halen can stand up to Twitter haters when they contrast his musical talents with his famous father's, but when accused of not being able to cook like his mom, he wholeheartedly agrees, stating in the most recent Twitter thread, "You see, this would be a valid criticism because I can't cook s**t."

"Actually, that's the one thing you're good at cooking," joked Bertinelli in another Twitter reply for a double burn from the feisty cooking show host. Fellow Food Network star and host of "Chopped," Ted Allen, chimed in and Tweeted, "I have to say, Val, it looks like it might be ON!"

One Twitter user enjoying the playful mother-son banter then suggested a "tournament featuring Food Network stars against their offspring" as a way to settle whether or not cooking skills are passed down from parents to their children. Wolfgang Van Halen might not want to participate in that challenge, though, since he's already been scorched by mom.