Every Ore Ida French Fry, Ranked Worst To Best

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When you think of frozen french fries, chances are that Ore Ida (an abbreviation of Oregon Idaho) is quick to come to mind. According to the company's website, it was founded more than 60 years ago and provides an assortment of food products across the nation. While it is mostly known for its variety of french fry products, Ore Ida also makes tater tots, hashbrowns, and mashed potatoes. You could say they have a handle on the entire potato industry.

Ore Ida is extra special because all of their french fry products are gluten-free, according to Gluten Bee. For anyone who avoids gluten, potatoes are often a go-to starch since wheat is off the table. Frustratingly for the gluten-free community, many frozen french fry companies coat their fries in a breaded wheat-based batter to make their products extra crispy. Meanwhile, Ore Ida does an excellent job of creating crunchy tasty gluten-free french fries.

With so many potato-themed options to choose from, it can be hard to know what to buy for an epic burger night at home. Don't worry, we're happy to share our strong opinions about french fries with consumers to make the decision easier. Let's dive into the ranking of every Ore Ida french fry from worst to best.

Golden Crispers

The Ore Ida Golden Crispers can easily be confused with the Extra Crispy Golden Crinkles. While both of these fries come in a crinkled shape and boast a crispy exterior, the Golden Crispers are known for their contrastingly soft interior, while the Extra Crispy Golden Crinkles are crispy throughout. However, we should note that while the soft interior sounds good in theory, many commenters note that these fries taste too soft, reminiscent of mashed potatoes. 

Although we really like mashed potatoes, we definitely don't want our french fries tasting like them. It seems especially wrong for the fries to be so mushy when their name suggests crispiness. Because of this, we would recommend skipping the Golden Crispers. There are plenty of other Ore Ida french fry products that actually taste good and provide the crispy outer and soft inner texture that fries are meant to have. Keep on reading to discover the best of the best.

Ready in 5 Extra Crispy Golden Fries

The Ore Ida Ready in 5 options come in two varieties: Extra Crispy Golden Fries and Extra Crispy Crinkles. The Ready in 5 Extra Crispy Golden Fries are designed to be cooked in the microwave which seems too good to be true. Can you really get that crispy exterior of a french fry by cooking it in the microwave? Well, it turns out, any skepticism is warranted and the promises fall short. 

Many reviewers on Influenster describe that these fries taste horrible. A common complaint is that the sheet included in the package to use for cooking the fries actually gets warped in the microwave. Some reviewers even note that the fries burn in the microwave! While some commenters state that these fries cook better in the toaster oven, we are stumped about the point of the "ready in 5" microwave option. If you end up having to cook them in the oven or toaster oven anyway, we'd rather buy fries that are designed for this method.

Ready in 5 Extra Crispy Crinkles

The Ready in 5 Extra Crispy Crinkles are similar in a lot of ways to the other Ready in 5 variety. Again, even though they are intended for microwave preparation, many people complain that they do not actually cook well if you follow the package instructions. Instead, Influenster reviews mention having better success cooking the fries in the toaster oven.

In addition, because these are meant to be a quick solution to the need-fries-now-snack-attack, they are meant to serve only one person. Many people mention that the portion size is way too small and leaves you wanting more. We know how we get around fries and we need a big portion to satisfy any cravings. If you see these in the store, don't be tempted to put them in your grocery cart. Ore Ida has a lot of french fry varieties, many that are actually delicious. Keep reading to find out which Ore Ida french fry products are actually worth it.

Golden Shoestring French Fries

While Ore Ida has a variety of frozen french fry options, their Golden Shoestring French Fries are the only product that comes in a classic shoestring shape. Shoestring fries are known for their extremely thin appearance, making them the perfect size to become extra crispy when cooked. However, many reviews complain that these fries don't crisp up all that much, leaving us to wonder why we would purchase these over other options.

On top of that, some Amazon product reviews reveal that the fries in the bag are inconsistent in size. Many people complain that some fries are bigger than the rest, whereas others are basically broken in half, eliminating the purpose of a uniform shoestring size altogether. We've noticed that pan-frying these particular fries works better as opposed to baking or air frying, but the irregularities in size are not ideal. We'd recommend skipping these ones.

Golden French Fries

While you may be thinking you'd have more luck with classic Ore Ida Golden French Fries, unfortunately, they are not the best variety available. As per the Amazon reviews, a few people note that these fries are rather oily and leave a greasy residue. That's definitely not a great endorsement and it places the Golden Fries among some of the worst Ore Ida fries out there.

While many Target reviews note that the fries do not get crispy enough when cooked in the oven, some people seem to have success using an air fryer instead. This piece of equipment is a great way to contribute to some healthiness when it comes to french fries. Air fryers can enhance crispiness without the need for added oil, minimizing extra fat and calories. However, in terms of taste, many reviewers mention that a lot more salt is needed to make these fries palatable.

Zesty Straight Fries

There are many Ore Ida french fry varieties that come pre-seasoned with spices other than basic salt and pepper. The Zesty Straight Fries contain onion powder, garlic powder, and chili powder to provide a little extra kick to a classic fry. While they aren't intended to be overly spiced or hot, many Influenster reviewers complain that the fries are lacking in flavor. That's certainly not what you want when you make a point to select a seasoned fry product. 

Some reviewers even mention that the spices fall right off the frozen fries when removing them from the bag. On top of that, many people report that their fries arrived freezer burnt, although that generally has more to do with storage in the shop. We'd recommend serving these with extra flavorful sauces and dips like ranch dressing or ketchup in order to combat the blandness. If you'd rather eat your fries sauce-free, you're better off skipping these and selecting a more flavorful option below instead.

Golden Waffle Fries

If you are at all like us, we constantly debate about the wide range of french fry shapes. Are shoestring fries better than steak fries? Are waffle fries better than curly fries? Would you rather have straight fries or crinkle fries? We honestly could talk about it for hours on end. Well, as it turns out, waffle fries regularly top the list of favorite fry shapes.

When you think about waffle fries, you're likely to think of the perfect version from Chick-fil-A. Any fan is surely dying to recreate the crispy snack at home. Luckily, Ore Ida's Golden Waffle Fries are known to taste just like the Chick-fil-A fries. Target reviews note that they are not too greasy and very crispy. Many people also mention that because of their width, the waffle fries are the perfect shape for scooping up thick dips. We can't wait to dig into these with queso or spinach and artichoke dip.

Zesty Curly Fries

We love curly fries! Who could resist this fun and bouncy french fry shape? The Ore Ida Zesty Curly Fries combine a curly french fry shape with a yummy zesty seasoning. Like the other flavored varieties, they are not too spicy but still have a kick to them. What's great about these zesty fries is that the spices seem to actually stick to the potato. Perhaps something about the curly shape lends itself to more seasoning as opposed to the straight fries which can't hold onto theirs. 

Many people on Influenster note that these french fries are better than Arby's curly fries! That's quite a statement since those are considered to be among the best french fries available at fast food locations. Many reviewers note that these crisp up especially well in the air fryer. If you see these, grab them — you won't be disappointed with these zesty curly fries.

Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries

Ore Ida even carries a few different varieties of sweet potato fries for people who want a little more nutrition packed into their french fries. According to Healthline, sweet potatoes contain loads of vitamin A, fiber, antioxidants, and manganese. You'll be glad to know that Ore Ida's Sweet Potato Crinkle Fries are undeniably tasty. In fact, many Influenster reviewers considered them to be the best quality sweet potato fries available on the market — certainly an impressive endorsement. Other people comment that since the crinkle fries are thicker than the straight fries, they provide a greater sweet potato flavor (via Influenster). Sweet potato lovers take note — these ones are for you!

Our one complaint is that these fries apparently burn fairly easily. As long as you keep an eye on them while they are cooking, you should be able to avoid filling your kitchen with smoke and ruining an otherwise tasty batch of sweet potato fries.

Golden Twirls

The other variety of curly fries that Ore Ida carries is the Golden Twirls. This is a classic curly fry shape seasoned simply with salt. While it is common for curly fries to be cooked with spices that are a little more exciting than salt, we love that Ore Ida offers the classic seasoning in a fun shape. It might be surprising for spice lovers but not everyone wants a zesty french fry! Staying true to their wide range of products, Ore Ida's variety is appreciated.

These are similar to Ore Ida's other curly fry in that they are extra crispy when cooked in the air fryer but they taste great cooked in the oven as well. These are best paired with a burger and plenty of ketchup for dipping. Does dinner get any better than that? If you want to impress your guests at your next barbeque, cook up a batch of these curly fries and serve them with your favorite fry sauce.

Extra Crispy Seasoned Crinkles

The Extra Crispy varieties are our personal favorites from the Ore Ida product line. These Extra Crispy Seasoned Crinkles have chili powder and garlic powder to add a little something special. You may be wondering whether these are different than the zesty seasoning. While the Ore Ida seasoned collection contains chili powder and garlic powder, their Zesty seasoning also has some extra onion powder. Interestingly, Ore Ida does not offer the crinkle fry shape in a zesty seasoned option so if you are looking for a crinkle fry with a little bit more kick, these Extra Crispy Seasoned Crinkles are the ones for you.

Many reviewers on Influenster note that these fries are not the same as those found in fast-food restaurants, commenting that these need a little barbecue sauce or ranch dressing to add more flavor. Despite this, these fries are continuously referred to as delicious. Honestly, we agree.

Extra Crispy Golden Crinkles

Why is it that crinkle fries taste so good? In our humble opinion, the best fast food crinkle fries out there are served at Shake Shack. However, if you want to enjoy the ultimate crispy crinkle fries from the comfort of your own home, we recommend Ore Ida's Extra Crispy Golden Crinkles. These crinkle-shaped fries are among the best option Ore Ida has to offer.

Many Influenster reviews comment that these are great cooked in the oven, but that they are even better deep-fried. We typically do not deep fry our frozen french fries and instead, prepare them in the oven as per package instructions. However, we agree that deep-fried crinkle fries sound absolutely delicious. We've scoured all of the review sites to search for feedback on these Extra Crispy Golden Crinkle Fries and there are no problems to report. That's right, none! If you see these in stores, be sure to grab them — you won't be disappointed.

Country Style French Fries

In terms of size, Ore Ida's Country Style French Fries fall somewhere between straight fries and steakhouse fries. These classically shaped fries come with the potato skins still on, adding to their flavor and texture. Not to mention, the potato skins provide extra fiber, making these a bit more nutritious and filling than their other french fry counterparts.

These fries are considered to be seasoned, although after reviewing their ingredients, it's hard to tell what they are seasoned with. While the other Ore Ida fries mention individual spices in the ingredient lists, these fries simply indicate that they contain spices.

Many reviews on Influenster mention that these fries have a great flavor and become really nice and crispy. That's definitely what we are looking for in our fries. While many people suggest that these are even better deep-fried than baked in the oven, we still love the texture with the standard preparation. Some commenters recommend topping these with hot sauce and cheese for the ultimate flavorful experience.

Garlic & Black Pepper Steakhouse Fries

While arguably not the most popular fry shape, everyone loves a steakhouse fry every now and then. We find that since they are a bit bigger with more potato mass on the inside, steakhouse fries need to be cooked longer to achieve a crunchy exterior. Many reviewers on Influenster agree and recommend adding on a few minutes of extra cooking time to ensure the crispiness everyone is seeking.

These Garlic & Black Pepper Steakhouse Fries provide a little extra zing by being the only Ore Ida variety coated in a delicious garlic and black pepper seasoning. Fair warning, these fries are delicious and you may not be able to stop yourself. They are best served on the side of a delicious home-cooked steak. While you are spending all of your time and energy getting the steaks marinated and cooked to perfection, you won't even have to worry about these fries coming out right — it's a given!

Golden Crinkles

As we make our way to the top of the ranking, many of the fries are more classic in nature. Don't mess with the classics, right? Ore Ida's Golden Crinkles are considered to be America's favorite fries according to the company, and it's not hard to see why. These traditional crinkle fries are seasoned simply with salt and they come out perfectly every time. Many reviews on Target mention that they cook best in the oven or the air fryer if you first spray them with oil for extra crispiness. This product is reliably easy to cook and boasts a great flavor and texture.

If you really want to take these fries to the next level, you can try seasoning them with flavored salt and a dash of vinegar. Or for a heftier dish, you might want to try covering them with bacon and cheese. Nonetheless, the salty classic is equally delicious.

Sweet Potato Straight Fries

I bet you are surprised to see a sweet potato fry making it into the top three contenders in our Ore Ida french fry ranking. To be honest, we are a bit surprised as well but the reviews speak loudly and Ore Ida's Sweet Potato Straight Fries are consistently great. This healthier french fry is incredibly tasty, making it a suitable option for anyone concerned with nutrition. Many reviewers on Influenster note that these french fries are not overly salted and don't get soggy, which is an issue that can happen if you are not careful when baking your sweet potato fries.

While not necessary, if you feel like you need to elevate these fries a bit, we'd recommend a butter and brown sugar dip as suggested by one of the Influenster reviewers. Serve these up along with some popcorn chicken or load them up with chili, cheese, and avocado and you're sure to be satisfied.

Golden Steak Fries

In second place, we have Ore Ida's Golden Steak Fries. These super thick fries don't need any extra seasoning at all because they are perfect as they are. Reviewers on Target note that these french fries brown beautifully in the oven and lack any greasy residue. In essence, they are crispy, salty, and delicious.

These french fries are ideal on the side of a classic cheeseburger or your other typical barbecue fare. However, because these fries have a larger shape, they are also perfect with chili cheese toppings. If you have a craving for something a bit different, these fries are amazing served as part of a poutine. If you aren't in the know, poutine is a classic Canadian dish that consists of fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. It definitely sounds like the ultimate savory indulgence and we would happily dig into a bowl right now.

Extra Crispy Fast Food Fries

The top spot of the Ore Ida french fry ranking is awarded to their Extra Crispy Fast Food Fries. This product has endless rave reviews, and many people go so far as to say that it rivals McDonald's french fries which is certainly a loaded statement. Not only do they taste like fast food fries, but being made at home Ore Ida's fries are a bit healthier and a lot more convenient.

Not too skinny and not too thick, these french fries are a perfect size. Like most Ore Ida french fries, the bag provides a list of temperature and time variations depending on how you want to cook them. Many reviews on Target mention that these are best in the air fryer, yet again. If you've learned anything from this list, it's that you need to purchase an air fryer if you are going to be making frozen french fries often at home.