The Time Kellogg's Went To The Moon

Astronaut foods have come a long way since Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, the first person to ever eat in space, enjoyed a meal of beef and liver paste served in a squeezable, toothpaste-like tube onboard the Vostok 1 in 1961. Per Business Insider, Gagarin was also lucky enough to have chocolate sauce served from a similar tube for dessert. With advancements in technology, NASA reported in 2019 that it hopes to place a station on the moon by 2024 that would include a garden to grow produce like lettuce, strawberries, carrots, and potatoes with the help of LED lights (via Business Insider). If you ask us, fresh fruits and veggies sound a heck of a lot better than liquified beef.

When Apollo 11 headed to the moon in 1969, astronauts including Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ate packaged food such as beef and vegetables, applesauce, and pork with potato scallops, according to Business Insider. But it was one special breakfast food that made space history: Kellogg's cereal.

One giant leap for Kellogg's breakfast cereal

While en route to the moon, Apollo 11 astronauts ate a breakfast supplied by the iconic American food brand Kellogg's. The ship was stocked with cubes of cereal, with options including Corn Flakes flavored with a hint of fruit and classic Frosted Flakes, according to the Kelloggs' website. By providing part of the most important meal of the day, Kellogg's helped to contribute to the daily 2,500-plus caloric intake recommended to astronauts (via Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum). While Apollo 11 was in space, the brand gave young Earthlings the chance to cash in on the fun by offering 20 different spaceship-themed stickers as prizes in their boxes.

Thrillist reported that cereal is still served in space. NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn shared that Bran Flakes is one of the best to eat onboard. Powdered milk and water are mixed in to replicate the breakfast favorite we enjoy on Earth, but the jury is out as to whether the meal is out-of-this-world tasty.