Need A Job? Andrew Zimmern Is Hiring

New year, new career? If finding a job is top on your list for 2022, and if you've also always dreamed of working for a big name in the food world, then you just might be in luck ... maybe. Andrew Zimmern, the man who may be best known for consuming tree grubs, rotten shark, and barbecued muskrat on the show "Bizarre Foods," is looking to hire a new employee. 

According to a recent Tweet, he is seeking "an over qualified, motivated, hands on individual." As to the nature of the job itself, it will apparently involve "run[ning the] first unit of what we hope they will be able to grow into a multi-unit business." It seems that the job will be based in Atlanta to start, though who knows where it'll go from there?

Interested? Zimmern says you can apply by sending a résumé to Though the hardest part may be what to include in it in order to land the job. Not so helpful is the fact that it's only after you send in your creds that you'll be sent the job description as well as learn what the position will be paying.

Twitter called Zimmern out on the unclear Tweet

We're guessing that the job may involve restaurant management in some capacity. At present, the Passport Hospitality group (where résumés are being directed) has three brands, or "concepts," as they like to call them: Andrew Zimmern's Canteen, Lucky Cricket & Shiwu, and Sacca Pazzo. While Zimmern may well need restaurant managers and staff, he could probably use a little help in the recruiting department and/or on his social media team. 

As Twitter points out, his recent job posting is not the kind of thing that would really fly on or even Craigslist. One person said of the muddy job description, "Wanna vague that up for me?" Another pointed out a word choice that might have revealed a bit too much about the true nature of the job, and said, "Over qualified = we're not gonna pay you near what you're worth." 

Unlike a similar job posting via Twitter made by Alton Brown a few months ago, Zimmern's announcement has received little interest so far. Though, at least one person responded with "sure will" to the directive to send in a résumé.