Why You Should Add Maple Syrup To Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are pretty popular. According YouGovAmerica, 36% of Americans like their eggs prepared in this manner. But, people can be pretty particular when it comes to how their dish is made. Bravo's "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi shared with Bon Appétit she only eats scrambled eggs if she makes them herself. She said, "I don't like my eggs overcooked — it just takes the pleasure out of them for me." Other celebrity chefs like to add other ingredients to their scramble. Per Men's Health, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay likes to mix in sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes in his breakfast dish, while Bobby Flay revealed in the same article that he likes a recipe that uses smoked salmon, goat cheese butter, and scallions.

Well, according to our friends at Fine Dining Lovers over on their YouTube channel, while savory ingredients do pair well with scrambled eggs, they suggest adding a drizzle of sweet and delicious maple syrup to the dish to really amplify it. We know what you're thinking. Only the likes of Buddy the Elf and a sugar-loving kid would ever put syrup on their scrambled eggs, but there is clearly something appealing to the taste buds about this addition.

And don't forget a slice of bacon

The experts at Fine Dining Lovers in a YouTube video say that a little maple syrup will really boost the taste of your scrambled eggs. They explain maple syrup used sparingly will add "a surprisingly smoky sweetness that's perfect if offset with a slice of crispy bacon." Sounds perfect to us! We know these flavors work for McDonald's beloved McGriddles which are basically egg, cheese, and either sausage or bacon flanked by maple syrup-infused pancakes, so why not a little on your plate of scrambled eggs? 

The Reddit community concurs that maple syrup really does make your scrambled eggs delicious. In a discussion thread, one Redditor kicked off the discussion by sharing they were a lifelong syrup and eggs lover. They wrote, "It can only be divine providence that syrup would touch eggs. It is meant to be." Another community member offered support saying, "It's a good mixture to have the bacon, eggs, and the syrup off of your pancakes or waffles collide, it's simply meant to be, not all that crazy." And yet another shared, "During Passover, there's a special breakfast dish we make called Matzo Brei which is matzo (basically bread minus several key ingredients) moisturized and cooked up with egg. Usually you add syrup and it's so ... delicious." It definitely sounds like it's worth a try!