Duff Goldman Applauds Historic Goal For One Kids Baking Championship Hopeful

"Kids Baking Championship," a Food Network reality competition show hosted by Charm City Cake mastermind, Duff Goldman and co-host, Valerie Bertinelli, is now in season 10. The reality competition series showcases creative and talented kids, which Food Network president, Courtney White, shares in a press release that the new season's contestants are the competition's "most adorable and impressive yet." The group of kids vying for the $25,000 prize and all the perks that come with winning are the youngest in "Kids Baking Championship" history.

While the show shines a light on young talent, it has not yet featured a baker with Down syndrome. However, the Twitterverse may help change that as a young boy, via his mom's post, has captured the attention of celebrity chef Goldman. 

A Twitter account called Teamplaidmd posted a photo of a young boy smiling big with a bison cake that he had re-created from a book. The caption reads, "This kiddo is still trying to become the first kid with Down syndrome on the Kids Baking Championship," with Duff and Valerie tagged in the post. Always the enthusiastic cheerleader, Duff retweeted Teamplaidmd's post with the caption, "That buff is great!!"

The cake impresses Duff Goldman and Twitter users

The Teamplaidmd user offered a gracious response to Duff Goldman's retweet, saying "You guys rock! ...He may not be ready for a few years but a parent child baking show would be cool.....Bet there are lots of special bakers who just need a little help." 

The warm exchange enticed some users to comment with exclamations including "Sounds like the new @duffgoldman show to me!!" and "That cake looks wicked cool and delicious!! He needs to be on the program!!" 

The cool cake also garnered appreciation, with users commenting "Legitimately better than some bakery cakes I've seen – amazing job!," "Nailed it," and "That cake looks so much better than the book."

According to the CDC, one in every 700 babies born in America each year, about 6,000, are born with the extra chromosome that marks the Down syndrome diagnosis. Teamplaidmd's Twitter profile shares that she's the "Mom of awesome kid who happens to have an extra chromosome." That kid, per his bison cake photo, also has some serious cake decorating skills. 

The application process for "Kids Baking Championship" requires a testimonial as to why a child would be a good fit and suggests highlighting what makes them stand out. It seems that this prospective contestant has the desire, talent, and support, along with a thumbs up from Goldman. We'll be watching for him!