24% Said This Was The Best Flavor Of Starburst

There are two types of candy-eaters in this world: those who like chocolate, and those who like fruity flavors. If you're in the latter camp, there's a good chance you've eaten Starbursts on at least one occasion. "Starburst fruit chews deliver a burst of curiosity in an unimaginative world," the brand says on its website. "Like how are these cute little squares so mouthwatering and packed with this much fruity flavor?" The candies first hit grocery store shelves in the 1960s, and only came in four flavors: lemon, lime, strawberry, and orange (via Delish). These days, they come in a bunch of varieties, from Starburst Minis to tropical and sour flavors. You can even get Starburst energy drinks!

But are all of the Starburst flavors created equally? Many fans of the candy brand would say no. To find out which color is the best of the best, Mashed polled more than 600 people across the country on their favorite Starburst flavor. Here's which color nearly a quarter of people said they love more than the others.

People love pink Starbursts the most

If you're someone who picks out all the pink Starbursts, you aren't alone. Strawberry is the best Starburst flavor, based on Mashed's poll results. More than 24% of people dubbed it their favorite of the bunch. That shouldn't come as a surprise, given the intense popularity of the baby pink squares. People are so obsessed with the strawberry candies that Starburst released packs of just pink Starbursts in 2020 to satisfy consumer demand (via Best Products). "Is there anything better than a pink Starburst?! I don't think so!" one reviewer at Influenster wrote, while another added, "Pink Starbursts are the absolute best tasting out of all the flavors. They are so juicy!"

Where did the other Starburst flavors fall in comparison? Cherry was the second most popular, receiving 17% of the votes, while watermelon and fruit punch tied for third place, each garnering 12% of the votes. Orange was next with 10%, followed by mango melon with 9% and lemon with 7%. The least favorite Starburst flavor according to Mashed's survey? Lemon lime, which only 5% of people chose as their preferred candy.