Britney Spears' LA Restaurant Review Has The Internet Buzzing

When Britney Spears popped the champagne in November, to mark the end of her 13-year conservatorship, she vowed to spend the next two months celebrating her freedom, her birthday, and, probably, New Year's Eve (Stars! They're just like us!) So, when Spears posted a photo to her Instagram account to document a recent outing to an L.A. eatery, fans could probably breathe a sigh of relief – she fit one more fancy dinner into her two-month timeline, and just under the buzzer, too.

Though the performer didn't give the restaurant a (coveted) name-check, Eater Los Angeles says the spot Spears patronized was most likely Catch LA, known for a smash cake dessert that appears to be the same one featured in Spears' video. The "Hit Me" Chocolate Cake (via Catch LA) gets a whack from what is presumably Spears' spoon, freeing the melted white ice cream from its chocolate-shell cage. Metaphors and references to the "hit" song "Baby One More Time" that originally made Spears famous (via Billboard) abound, yet sadly none were mentioned in the follow-up text, which read like something of a restaurant review. Is the songstress pivoting to food blogging in the new year? It's 2022 people, and freed Britney can do whatever she wants.

Britney Spears' night out was a spiritual experience

Britney Spears' recent Instagram post garnered more than 467,000 likes. And while comments were turned off, the singer had plenty of comments of her own about the restaurant she dined at, and they read like a full-blown food review. "I wanted to literally dive into the bowl and swim in it," Spears writes of a sushi course, and "HOLLLLLYYYY WOWZY !!!" she exclaims over her salad starter. Spears goes on to say the salad was "nice, cold lettuce on my tongue, yet crunchy" and that the cheese was "different." It's arguably the sheer delight at her newfound freedom that really makes the post shine.

"Wow, is this what I've been missing ???" Spears asks, after sharing that she enjoyed her first glass of red wine in 13 years and wondering if, just maybe, God is actually food? "I felt more sexy in that restaurant than I ever have in my entire life," Spears reveals. Which is not only saying something – because she is Britney Spears – but also a great endorsement for Catch LA (if that's actually where she dined) and the kind of sentiment that would make fans throw up praise hands emojis all over the Internet. Given that the star has "Chef in the works" listed in her Instagram bio, let's hope there are more sexy, spiritual culinary adventures with Ms. Spears to come.