Britney Spears Reveals The Recipe That Turned Cooking Into 'A New Passion'

Britney Spears has had a tumultuous year, to say the least. After 13 years of living in conservatorship under her father James Spears, on August 12, he finally agreed to stand down (via Vulture). The news marks a step forward, because since 2008, Britney hasn't been in full control of her personal, financial, and estate affairs. With her father stepping down, fans are optimistic Britney may begin to regain freedom.

Even so, the media frenzy over the conservatorship case has been a bit hard on Britney. She took to her Instagram account to tell her fans that although social media has given her a means through which to share her voice, the negativity directed from the media towards her has led her to be less active on Instagram. Though it's nothing Britney won't power through, as she quoted Selena Gomez's song "Kill Em With Kindness."

In the post, Britney also revealed that she's found "a new passion" in cooking lately — all thanks to Jake Cohen and good ol' avocado toast. She shared Cohen's recipe with the caption, "Pssss this was the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life and it's inspired me to take on a new passion in the cooking field !!!!"

Britney Spears' famous followers now want to cook with her too

Britney Spears' friends and fans were quick to rally behind her. Selena Gomez replied saying, "Love you @britneyspears! You're welcome to come cook with me any time!" Paris Hilton, too, offered her support and added that she would love to have Britney in her kitchen soon — can fans expect a cameo from Britney in the next season of "Cooking With Paris," perhaps?

The recipe that inspired a new passion in cooking for Britney comes from Jewish chef and author Jake Cohen. Cohen previously worked as an editor for The Tasting Table and as a critic for Time Out New York. When he's not working on his next cookbook, Cohen regularly posts recipes on his Instagram page to inspire his followers, including Britney. On July 15, he shared a recipe for an avocado toast because he thought that, " it was time to bring back the avocado toast!!".

Although a regular avo-toast, what caught Britney's attention it seems was the perfectly sliced avocado, a mesmerizing swirl of Sriracha, and the addition of lemon zest. Cohen's followers, too, had similar thoughts. One user said, "Damn that's a 3 Michelin star avo toast." Another Instagrammer @claualexwess wondered, "Am I the only one that find this totally therapeutic?" No, you aren't the only one — Britney Spears found it pretty darn cool, too.