Twitter Has Something To Say About The Taste Of McDonald's Sprite

McDonald's did not get to be the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world by being dumb. It's smart. It does its homework and pays attention to the details. In many ways, it is the industry standard. From smart investment decisions to including toys with meals to capitalizing on branding opportunities through celebrity collabs, McDonald's seems to really go the extra mile. It's no wonder, then, that the Sprite offered at its restaurants, which the McDonald's website describes as a "delicious lemon-lime fountain drink," is just a little bit, well, Sprite-ier, than regular everyday Sprite. Just ask Twitter.

The Twitterverse has plenty to say about McDonald's Sprite, especially in the form of memes and jokes. One post features a glowing human with the caption, "this how you be feeling after you take one sip of McDonald's sprite." Another notable post shows an image of what appears to be Spider-Man disintegrating after Thanos snapped in "Avengers Infinity War" but with the text, "he drank mcdonald's sprite." And who can forget the picture of a burned-out building with the caption, "Accidentally poured McDonald's sprite on my house." People also made a number of memorable comparisons, including "it tastes like bees having a party in your mouth," "ran out of antifreeze so i used mcdonald's sprite instead," and "how mcdonald's sprite crispier than the fries?"

McDonald's Sprite will light you up

There are many more funny 'McDonald's Sprite" tweets. Bottom line: McDonald's Sprite is not your everyday Sprite, and Twitter has taken note. There are a few little tricks that Mickey D's incorporates to create that remarkable effervescence. According to Spoon University, the chain has claimed its pre-soda water undergoes double the amount of filtration used by competitors. It apparently also revs up the sugar and keeps the syrup and water refrigerated (less ice meltage). 

In 2014, The New York Times wrote that McDonald's and the Coca-Cola Company have "a unique, symbiotic relationship," which entails syrup being delivered in stainless steel containers, as opposed to the plastic bags of syrups sent to other chains. Per the McDonald's FAQ page, the straws are bigger, allowing for more soda to hit more of your mouth, which affects how your taste buds react to the onslaught of flavor. It might boil down to the concentration, though. McDonald's Sprite simply has a higher syrup-to-water ratio, which makes the soda taste stronger. Duh.

The end result can't be denied. It's just more. Some of McDonald's recent successes have centered around sweet branding deals, like Travis Scott's Cactus Jack Meal and the Saweetie Meal. Both of these celebrity collaborations have featured Sprite as the chosen beverage to accompany their favorite food pairings, probably because McDonald's Sprite is all that, with some ice. Nose-tingling, lip-smacking, eyeball-popping, flavor in a cup. Bottoms up!