Costco Has Good News For Fans Of Its Ham And Cheese Pastry

Costco is lauded for its low prices on bulk items, and the store itself has somewhat of a cult following. Not only does the warehouse's food court have a super affordable hot dog and soda combo that makes the perfect lunch deal any day of the week, but their free samples are the stuff of legend, especially for those who take full advantage on a shopping trip.

Many of Costco's food items for sale have a strong following, too. Among them are the signature bacon, olive oil, and coffee from Kirkland, as well as Costco's rotisserie chicken, which fans look to snag for a family dinner while getting a better bang for their buck — and even their liquor is priced so well you'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal elsewhere. Though, one of their more contested items is the ham and cheese pastry, which fans either cannot get enough of or balk at for its greasiness. But, for those who dig this specialty baked good, Costco has some good news.

It's got ham, cheese, and a flaky crust - what's not to love?

As SheKnows points out, the pandemic and winter weather combo are often catalysts to customers staying at home and making their own coffee, but breakfast sandwiches and other eats are what appeal to the masses to tough through it and draw them in to cafés and restaurants. And while Starbucks may be the premier option in the coffee market with their fancy options, their ham and cheese croissant was found to be comparable to those Costco is now selling in bulk for almost the same price Starbucks sells for a single one!

An Instagram account called CostcoHotFinds documents the pastry at length, noting that a box of four costs $7.99. She goes on to fully describe the breakfast treat, which includes mozzarella and provolone cheeses along with diced ham, and she recommends warming it up in an air fryer for five minutes at 335 degrees Fahrenheit before eating. In her video, the poster demonstrates the satisfying crunch you get when you bite into it after it's heated to a crunchy finish. 

Her followers seemed to be in agreement how good they are, with one that said, "Eating one right now! So good." Another said, "I need that like now!!!" Still others wondered if the pastries needed to be refrigerated because of the ham, which the original poster confirmed — hence where the air fryer comes in to warm it up for a perfect ready-to-eat meal.