Sunny Anderson's Celeb Lookalike Clip Has Instagram Cracking Up

Food Network celebrity chef Sunny Anderson is all about keeping it real in the kitchen and on social media. Her New York Times best-selling cookbook "Sunny's Kitchen: Easy Food for Real Life" showcases her unique style of putting international spins on classic comfort foods (via Food Network). She grew up traveling the world as an Army brat, which is where the different cultural influences on her cooking style came from (via U.S. Department of Defense). 

The title of Anderson's second show on the Food Network, "Cooking for Real," was so appropriate because if the phrase "this isn't how you're supposed to do it, but this is how I do it" was a person, it would be Sunny Anderson. She showcases her no-frills recipes as a co-host on "The Kitchen" while simultaneously teasing Geoffrey Zakarian for his bougie techniques. She is so relatable on the show when she gives us all the shortcuts but still delivers on the flavor. Her relatability doesn't just show on screen, it also shows on her social media where she is often posting memes and trolling Bobby Flay. Recently, Anderson managed to keep it real on Instagram while using a filter that did just the opposite.

Instagram laughs with Sunny Anderson

Sunny Anderson is no stranger to having fun on social media and the recent filter fail on her Instagram was no exception. In her Instagram post, Anderson is using a filter that reveals your celebrity lookalike. When the virtual spinning wheel of destiny lands on Idris Elba, Anderson starts cracking up. From her caption, it seems like she was playing around with multiple filters that day, but this one was her favorite. It's so obviously inaccurate that Anderson finds it funny, but she also criticizes other filters for misleading people.

"Please...tell me why we need a thingy that puts on our lipstick and clears up our skin? Glad to be here filter free for you on the regular degular, but these other obvious filters are hilarious!!! I look goooood with a beard," Anderson wrote. And Instagram laughed along with her. The post was just what the doctor ordered for @hellowneumann, who wrote, "I needed a good laugh." It also tickled the funny bone of @nene0218, who said, "Sunny you crack me up!!" Another user imagined a lookalike that might have gotten an even bigger laugh. "What would have really been funny is if it said Bobby Flay.... I mean it's way off anyway but would have been funny," commented @bananarama30.