Anne Burrell's Touching Tribute To Bob Saget Has Fans In Tears

The sudden and unexpected death of 65-year-old actor, comedian, and director Bob Saget on January 9, 2022 (via TMZ) dealt a blow to his legions of fans, many of whom have taken to social media to express their shock and grief. Saget also leaves behind his many loyal friends and loved ones, including three grown daughters and his wife Kelly Rizzo, as well as his colleagues from all walks of the entertainment world. Although Saget may be best known to fans as the actor who played the loveably corny single dad, Danny Tanner, on television's "Full House" and the hosted 193 episodes of "America's Funniest Home Videos" (via IMDb), many — including multitudes in the showbiz world — had enormous respect for him as a stand-up comic and have applauded his impressively broad range (via The Washington Post).

What many do not know about Saget, whose cause of death is still pending (per CNN) is that the aforesaid impressive range extended to occasional appearances on foodie television, including a much-celebrated stint on Rachael Ray's show (via IMDb and Rachael Ray's website), and one time he appeared on "Beat Bobby Flay" to partner up for a little competitive cooking with Anne Burrell (via Food Network). And now, Burrell has posted a touching tribute to Saget on Instagram, and it's had her fans in tears ever since.

Anne Burrell's tribute to Saget touched fans deeply

"I have been sad about this news all day," Food Network's Anne Burrell posted to Instagram this week in response to news of the shocking and sudden death of the master entertainer Bob Saget while he was in the midst of a national stand-up comedy tour, one which he seemed genuinely excited about (via Twitter). "This was from a couple of years ago when I did an episode of #beatbobbyflay with Bob," Burrell added in the caption, referring to a photo she posted of herself with Saget. "He was lovely." And it's clear that she was not alone in this sentiment. Her touching tribute appears to have left many followers in tears — or, at least, did nothing to stop the tears that were already flowing. That includes celebrities such as "Gossip Girl" and "Buffy" actress Michelle Trachtenberg, who replied to Burrell with a broken-heart emoji and the comment, "Truly a kind, awesome human."

Trachtenberg isn't the only one who wielded the broken heart icon to express her sadness over Saget's passing. She was joined by scads of others posting similar emojis at a time when the shock and grief apparently left many too stunned to even find words. One person did note, however, "Bob Saget always seemed to be such a lovely man, down to earth and so kind." It's a sentiment that many are feeling, both those who knew him and those who loved him from their TV screens.