TikTok Is Stunned By Jason Derulo's Massive Gingerbread House

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our collective lives, but hasn't been all bad. Executives in the pandemic-pumped fast food chain industry could likely attest to that, as could shareholders of Zoom and Roku (via MarketWatch). At the moment, however, our focus is on multi-Billboard-charting singer-songwriter and now-TikTok-personality, Jason Derulo, who treated the pandemic as a golden opportunity. Derulo rose quickly to fame in 2009, but by 2019, his career was at a "low ebb," as Variety put it. Enter the pandemic. DUN-dun-DUN...

In the early months of the pandemic, that time when formerly traffic-choked streets in big cities all over the world were literally empty (aside from first responders), non-essential workers of all stripes stayed inside their homes and cooked and baked – and made TikToks to prove it wasn't just their imagination at work (via The Globe and Mail). That included plenty of celebrities, and among them was Derulo, who has been delighting TikTok with his skillfully-honed content (via Variety) for nearly two years now, especially since he began celebrating each TikTok follower milestone by baking something completely, adorably outrageous.

Recently, in celebration of 50 million followers, Derulo put together one heck of a gingerbread house. 

The real reason TikTok is stunned by Jason Derulo's massive gingerbread house

"I built the world's biggest gingerbread house," Jason Derulo said at the start of a minute-long TikTok on January 9, in which he was seen baking and building a massive gingerbread house to the lilting strains of "Yeah!" by Usher (feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris). But what really seems to have stunned Derulo's followers isn't so much the gingerbread house, itself, as the occasion for its having been turned into a TikTok. That occasion was Derulo's having reached 50 million TikTok followers, which is an amazing feat, in and of itself, but could also catapult Derulo solidly into the top 10 most-followed TikTok accounts, per LadBible.com.

So far, Derulo's gingerbread house-TikTok has been viewed over 1.8 million times and has garnered over 294,000 likes, not to mention at least 4,250 comments, the vast majority of which focus almost exclusively on congratulating the performing artist slash TikTok personality for having achieved the milestone. Now, we're not saying that Jason Derulo's giant-sized gingerbread house — pictured above — isn't incredibly impressive. It is, and frankly, we've never seen anything quite like it. 

While we can't say with any certainty how much of a hand Derulo had in the baking and building of it, we can see he does a smashing job of displaying it. And, when it comes to the winning over of all those followers, that was all him.