Nearly 32% Said This Was The Worst Flavor Of Skittles

When we hear the words "taste the rainbow," our minds automatically jump to Skittles. The familiar red bag traditionally comes with five flavors: Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime (which, as Food and Wine reports, was briefly replaced with Green Apple), and Grape. These classic varieties will always have a special place in our hearts and our stomachs.

Over the years, Skittles has also introduced some other varieties, such as Sour, Tropical, Wild Berry, and Citrus (via Snack History). Despite the rumor that all Skittles actually taste the same (via Today), some flavors left fans shaking their heads. Mashed reached out to readers with a survey to find out which of the many Skittles flavors were not as well received. Across all the flavors of Skittles — around 150, according to Fast Company — several flavors received a general thumbs-down from the public in our poll. But which flavors? Zombie? An exotic fruit? A member of the Sweet Heat pack?

Apricot Smoothie was voted the worst flavor

When we asked which Skittles flavors were the worst, 618 fans of the chewy candy were happy to weigh in. Most of the classics were spared from critique, as the poll results only included one original flavor in the roundup — Orange, which was voted the fifth-worst variety.

This leads us to the top spot. Apricot Smoothie was our respondents' least favorite and took 31.88% of the votes. Yikes. Maybe the creamy texture of yogurt didn't appeal to people's taste (via MyRecipes). America's second-least-favorite Skittles flavor fared a bit better: 19.26% of the vote point to Sour Grape as the worst.

The next three were neck-and-neck with respondents. Sour Orange was disliked by 12.14% of fans, Kiwi Lime by 11.81%, and Orange by 11.65%. Last but not least, the Strawberry Starfruit flavor received 4.85% of the votes, so appears to be generally disliked but isn't the absolute least favorite.