School Of Chocolate Season 2: Release Date, Contestants, And More - What We Know So Far

Up until last year, the world best knew Amaury Guichon as the pastry chef who made magnificent, realistic creations entirely out of chocolate and shared videos of them on Instagram. Some also knew him as the co-founder of The Pastry Academy in Las Vegas. But, ever since Netflix released the new reality cooking show "School of Chocolate" in late November last year, viewers have grown to know and love Guichon for his kind and constructive teaching on the series.

"School of Chocolate" has become a huge hit amongst fans, mainly because it offers a refreshingly different take on what a cooking competition can be. Not only have viewers been impressed by Guichon, his patience, and sincerity, but fans on Reddit also seem to love the show's format of skipping eliminations. Contestants have been seen helping each other, weaker chefs often get one-on-one sessions with Guichon, and the drama has been kept to a minimum — it really does feel like it's a school where learning is more important than ruthless challenges.

Season 1 was overall a huge hit, earning a 7.6 rating on IMDb and an 82% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The overall consensus seems to be that fans not only want more of Guichon and his chocolate school, but also might signal that viewers want more reality cooking competition shows modeled after the "School of Chocolate." The question is, will there be a second season?

What's the release date for 'School of Chocolate' Season 2?

While Netflix hasn't officially given any details for Season 2 of "School of Chocolate" — or have officially announced whether there even will be another season — there's no reason to believe that we won't see more of the French pastry chef Amaury Guichon and his creations. According to Cindy Holland, the streaming platform's VP of original programming, Netflix decides on whether or not to renew a show based on viewership, of course, but also takes into account how much viewers actually like a certain series (via IGN). While Netflix doesn't release the viewership numbers for the general public to know, fans certainly did seem to love this one very much.

Season 1 of "School of Chocolate" also concluded with Guichon popping a bottle of champagne and raising a toast to the conclusion of what he says is "the first 'School of Chocolate.'" If that's any indication, and if we read between the lines, that may mean Season 2 of the show may be in the works.

Who will judge 'School of Chocolate' Season 2?

"School of Chocolate" has come to depend heavily on its French chocolate teacher: Amaury Guichon. Fans on Reddit love the breath of fresh air that he brings to a reality cooking competition by replacing snarky comments and unhelpful feedback with constructive advice and guidance. But that's not all that Guichon adds to the Netflix show.

Already a popular chocolatier in the realm of Instagram and TikTok prior to "School of Chocolate" launching, Guichon also happens to be a co-founder and instructor at his own Pastry Academy in Las Vegas. If there ever was ever the perfect candidate for a reality show about chocolate that was fashioned more as a school than a competition, Guichon seems to be it, considering he already has plenty of teaching experience under his belt.

Given his experience and fanbase, there's no reason to believe that Guichon won't be back as the host, teacher, and judge if there is to be a Season 2. While Netflix hasn't officially given out any details, if a new run of shows happens, we're likely to see Guichon and his two chefs Devin Cowan and Carolyn Nugent back on the screen.

What challenges will 'School of Chocolate' Season 2 have?

Season 1 of "School Chocolate" saw individual challenges set up by Guichon, based on the technical pastry skill that the chef taught them in the episode. The winners got a point and were able to move on, and the contestants who didn't quite nail the task had to sit out the second round, and instead, got a one-on-one session with Guichon. The team challenge was where the chef really set the bar high with stunning sculptures that had to be made entirely out of chocolate. If Netflix is to air a second season, viewers can likely expect participants to try to recreate some more chocolate masterpieces that Guichon sets up for them — perhaps a seven-foot-tall Statue of Liberty this time, like he built and shared on Instagram?

Season 1 winner Juan Gutierrez is already set to teach a masterclass at Guichon's pastry academy in February (via The Pastry Academy website). So, Season 2 might offer contestants a similar prize along with a $50,000 check like Gutierrez received. Regardless of the exact challenges and the prize, if Netflix is going to bring on Season 2 of "School Chocolate," contestants can be certain to learn a lot of skills from their teacher along the way.