Good News For Fans Of Lindt's Valentine's Day Truffles

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and chocolate is a popular way of showing a loved one how much you care. Whether it's your significant other, family member, or bestie, most people will appreciate a decadent box of chocolates. 

According to, about 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased the week before February 14, and a survey by the National Confectioners Association revealed that 80% of Americans give candy on Valentine's day (via PR Newswire). You can get one of those common heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, a bouquet of Reese's peanut butter cups, or if you're feeling fancy, some gourmet truffles.

If you're leaning toward the latter, don't fret, you don't have to make a special trip to a chocolatier. There are many varieties, flavors, and brands at the grocery store. One of the more revered chocolate truffle brands is Lindt. While the Swiss company has year-round favorites like extra dark and cappuccino, it offers a special limited-edition truffle for Valentine's Day, dark strawberry, and according to one Instagrammer, the flavor is already available in stores.

You can find the strawberry truffles at multiple retailers

If you're on the hunt for the limited-edition Lindt Dark Strawberry truffles for Valentine's Day, you're in luck. While the chocolates have previously only been available at Target, according to an Instagram post, this year you can buy them at Walmart and other grocery retailers, too. The caption reads, "back for their third Valentine's season, and now they are no longer exclusive to Target!" The user excitedly goes on, "I found them at Walmart, and they should also be available at most stores carrying Valentine's Day candy"  and adds that the truffles are a "must-buy" for anyone who likes berry and chocolate combined, deeming the flavor "fantastic."

Each truffle consists of a crunchy, dark chocolate shell that, when you bite into it, gives way to a creamy, strawberry-flavored center. Target shoppers have previously also given the seasonal treats high ratings with reviews with some claiming that its taste mimics a chocolate-covered strawberry.

On the fence about these limited-edition chocolates? The only way to decide if they are really worth gifting this Valentine's day is to try them for yourself.