Aldi Shoppers Are Loving This Cinnamon Roll-Flavored Oat Creamer

Millions of people around the world regularly profess their undying love for Aldi. From low prices to unique finds, the store certainly has a lot to offer. According to The Consumerist, Aldi even went as far as eliminating additives and artificial flavoring from all of its own brands — which makes up about 90% of the chain's total products.

Despite Aldi products bearing more resemblance to health food than what you would find at a chain like Walmart, they still earn quite the cult following. One of these uber-popular items is the Who Needs the Bagel? Seasoning. It's just as good as the Trader Joe's version, but fans note that the Aldi product is a bit saltier.

Another favorite Aldi find is the chain's own take on Girl Scout cookies. If you're craving a chocolate and coconut cookie, Aldi has your back. Some people on Reddit even claim that the Aldi versions are better than the originals! Honestly, you can't beat $0.98 for a box of cookies. 

Aldi's newest creamer might be your next favorite

The new Califia Farms creamer might be one of Aldi's biggest hits yet. With cinnamon roll flavoring and an oat milk base, this creamer has Aldi fans losing their minds. Everyone was jumping on social media to share (and praise) the find.

Instagram user Aldi Made Me Do It posted a photo of the creamer with the caption "I can't wait to drink all this Califia Farms creamer myself. I love oat milk and it's cinnamon roll flavored." Followers of the account commented on how good the coffee creamer is. "I got this last week and let me tell ya... It is good! Tastes like dessert!" one person noted.

Another Instagram account, Aldi for President, also posted about the wonders of this cinnamon roll creamer. The creamer of everyone's dreams costs $3.79, the post says, and can be found in the Aldi Finds refrigerated section. "When I tell you I RAN to get this at my Aldi yesterday.." one commenter eagerly wrote. Not all coffee creamers are worth running for, but it looks like this one may be.