Wendy's Just Roasted Oreo On Twitter

While most people know Wendy's for its creamy Frostys and larger-than-life Baconator burgers, the fast food chain's most famous non-edible venture has been a foray into the world of internet roasts. The Wendy's Twitter account frequently turns internet users' heads: It has trolled McDonald's on Twitter with a zinger about its often-broken ice cream machines, for one. And let's not forget about the chain's ice-cold 2021 National Roast Day tweets.

Wendys' mastering of the internet has changed the game for restaurant chains, influencing how companies have started to interact humorously with their customers online, according to Vulture. The brand has set a new standard and shown that it's OK to be playful on social media — and poke fun at competitors, of course. It's no surprise, then, that National Roast Day was actually a Wendy's creation. For this year's edition of the holiday, it's serving up a particularly funny jab at the popular cookie brand, Oreo.

Wendy's dissed Oreo about milk

"It's #NationalRoastDay. Drop the 'roast me' below," Wendy's tweeted on January 12 to announce its 2022 edition of the holiday. While the cookie brand may not be a direct competitor of the burger chain, Oreo seems to have been caught in the crossfire, bearing the brunt of a Wendy's Twitter post reading, "When adding milk makes you taste better, you're doing it wrong. #NationalRoastDay."

To be fair, Oreo did ask for the burn. To the original Wendy's tweet, the cookie account commented quite clearly, "ROAST ME, WENDY." It seems that Wendy's had no choice but to deliver. We're sure that the roast hit Oreo where it hurts because it was a nod to the classic milk and cookies combo that Oreo espouses. As the brand's marketing director told Best Products, "Perhaps the best known way to eat an Oreo is the classic 'twist, lick, and dunk,'" because the milk's fat combined with the cookie's sugar makes for a winning flavor combo. Wendy's would be hard-pressed to find a better insult — unless it got its hands on a photo of someone dunking their Oreo in a Frosty.