Duff Goldman's Adorable Cookie Pic Of His Daughter Has Instagram Freaking Out

Whether you've visited one of his Charm City Cakes locations, seen his incredible creations on "Ace of Cakes," or witnessed his expertise as he judges "Holiday Baking Championship," there's no denying that baker and television personality Duff Goldman knows his stuff when it comes to whipping up mouthwatering sweet treats. In a recent Instagram share, Goldman delighted his 732,000 Instagram followers with a close-up of one of his most beloved young customers: his adorable daughter, Josephine.

Goldman's photo focused on Josephine's face, her big blue eyes gazing at something out of frame. She was dressed in a playful mustard yellow floral print garment, but the part of the image that her dad referenced in the caption was her tiny hands dutifully clutching a cookie he had baked. "This bad baby stole a cookie for a demo I'm doing tomorrow when nobody was looking," Goldman joked. He added that Josephine "loves cookies," a fact that doesn't seem too surprising considering what a masterful pastry chef her father is. Since becoming a dad, Goldman has shared many glimpses of Josephine on social media, and this sweet shot definitely caught his audience's attention.

What fans are saying about the adorable cookie thief

Even though Goldman's Instagram picture showed Josephine caught red-handed, clutching her stolen cookie, followers were more focused on her adorable face than her secretive actions. Just hours after being posted, the share has more than 21,000 likes from fans gushing over Josephine, as well as upwards of 670 comments. "She is absolutely precious," one fan wrote. Others commented on her eyes, remarked on her "Angelic Face," and positively showered her with compliments. Even though Goldman's cookie looked picture-perfect, with a precise drizzle of icing criss-crossing its sugared surface, all eyes were on Josephine.

It seems that simply by virtue of being a baby, Josephine can get away with just about anything, according to Goldman's followers. As one fan wrote, "She can do no wrong," punctuating the comment with a trio of chocolate chip cookie emojis. Another follower hilariously commented, "As her lawyer, I can tell you she's innocent." One fan even suggested Josephine may have been doing Goldman a favor, writing, "Quality control!! Every demo needs a QA Specialist." While Goldman has been running his baking empire for longer than Josephine has been alive, it seems that she just might become his taste tester in the years to come, if her cookie-grabbing is anything to judge by. We're betting he wouldn't have it any other way.