This Subway 'Karen' TikTok Complaint Totally Backfired

Not getting what you want can be a bit frustrating and annoying, especially when you're at a restaurant ordering food. Because of the ease that social media has provided people, many of them have begun filming or taking pictures of moments where they feel they are being disrespected by employees in an effort to share it with other folks. This level of documentation has allowed people to hold brands and companies accountable when it comes down to even the most minuscule of details. In some cases, like that of musician Dave Carroll, folks can find some solace at the end of the rainbow. 

Per CBC, Carroll experienced a major loss at the hands of United Airlines baggage handlers caused $1,200 in damages to his guitar. The musician was met with a lot of resistance from the airlines and took to YouTube to share the soon-to-be-viral "United Breaks Guitars" video. Airline Business reports that after news broke about Carroll's troubles, United Airlines' stock plummeted by about 10%. Now, this bittersweet ending isn't always the case. In a video uploaded to TikTok, folks can hear an audibly frustrated customer who feels very unhappy with her Subway sandwich. For this Subway 'Karen,' the ending was much different and lacked one key factor for successfully shaming a brand: public support.

TikTok users where not siding with Subway 'Karen' and her woes

In the TikTok video, you can see that the dissatisfied customer is being served by an employee named Bernice. Subway "Karen" seems to be clearly bothered by the way Bernice is making her meal and proceeds to film the entire conversation. "So, there's nothing wrong? There's nothing wrong with what you have going on?" the customer asks a clearly frustrated Bernice. Subway "Karen" continues their rant by accusing the Subway employee of just "throwing" things onto the sandwich and being incredibly rude. 

Toward the end of the video, Bernice could be seen defending herself as she claims she was not in the wrong. With video in tow, Subway 'Karen' took to social media to share the harrowing experience they had at their local Subway. Needless to say, TikTok viewers took a side and showed strong support — just not for Subway 'Karen.' Users came to the defense of Bernice, saying that the customer was obviously in the wrong. One person remarked, "I used to work at subway she made it right you lucky she didn't throw it in your face because I would've!" Another user said, "you want it 'made right' go to the grocery store and make it yourself."