Here's What Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Ate On Their Most Recent Date

Hey there, all you cool cats and kittens, put down your needlepoints and Tivo the "Antiques Roadshow" because we've got some news: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson – like every red-blooded American without a gluten or dairy allergy – like pizza and ice cream. It's true; the stars you probably thought feasted on a steady diet of gold leaf and old TMZ articles are actually more like us regular humans, noshing on 'za and washing it down with some Ben & Jerry's on their days off from running the world. Or at least, that's what TMZ would have you believe, after spotting the couple at Jon & Vinny's, an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

As the story goes, Kardashian and Davidson used a private entrance and tucked into a cozy table at the back of Jon & Vinny's for their Tuesday night outing, and the photos from TMZ show what looks like casual pizzas and some Diet Cokes. The restaurant, while perhaps a pricier pie than, say, Pizza Hut, arguably has a reasonably priced menu by LA standards (via Jon & Vinny's). And, while it also boasts an extensive list of desserts, the couple opted for a nearby Rite Aid to top the evening off with a sweet treat. A far cry from Kardashian dining at Nobu Malibu last year with ex-husband Kanye West (via People), but maybe that's what they were going for.

For a newsworthy date, just add pizza and ice cream

Gone are the innocent days of October 2021, when we thought Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were just really, really, really good friends (via People). The kind of friends who hold hands on a rollercoaster and listen to "Endless Love" in the dark, not the kind that (gasp!) get pizza and ice cream together (clutches pearls). 

We can't unknow what we know, and as we all know, pizza and ice cream is as serious as a date can get; even if that pizza is "budget-friendly" and the ice cream ... well, the ice cream is from Rite Aid. Kardashian didn't become a billionaire by splashing out on lavish meals of a Tuesday, after all. Plus, what if the couple was just trying to keep it low-key after their trip to the Bahamas last week (via Entertainment Tonight)? If pizza and ice cream don't scream "low-key," nothing does.

Does all this mean Kardashian and Davidson are getting more and more serious as a couple? Last November, a source told People magazine that Davidson is "exactly what Kim needed after her divorce." Maybe that's even truer now. After all, everyone knows that some combination of pizza, ice cream, and Pete Davidson can probably cure whatever ails you.