Gordon Ramsay Makes Mouths Water With Gingerbread Pudding

When visiting celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's Asian-inspired restaurant, Lucky Cat, in the center of London's fashionable Mayfair district, you might think his inspiration was to build something that would tap into tastebuds and look amazing in pictures. Lucky Cat takes its ambiance from underground jazz dens out of 1930s Tokyo, which, according to the restaurant's designer, sought to "challenge stereotypes of Japan being very formal and strict architecturally" (via ArchiPanic).

That challenge appears to extend to Lucky Cat's unique menu, which features a range of dishes inspired by Asian favorites including skewers, grilled fish dressed with miso, gyoza, egg fried rice, and tempura. The bar and dessert menus are equally appealing, and the restaurant's Instagram account shows a lovely array of offerings, including a picture-perfect Mango and White Chocolate Soufflé.

And while everything sounds mouthwatering to anyone who enjoys Asian cuisine, it's the sight of one signature dessert that has users across Gordon Ramsay's social media universe having a serious case of food-related FOMO — and it's not the Soufflé.

People have questions about the gold powder

The alluring dessert shown in the video clip is a piece of traditional English gingerbread, seductively blanketed in a thick chocolate sauce, and what appears to be crisp chocolate and orange segments. The dessert is presented with a drizzle of orange sauce and a dusting of gold powder and is served inside a traditional Japanese iron kettle. Gordon Ramsay himself gave the dish a social media shoutout, writing "Chocolate gingerbread pudding.... what a beautiful way to end lunch at @luckycatbygordonramsay!!"

The brief Instagram clip garnered more than 1.7 million views, and the hungry responses from Ramsay fans include tons of emoji comments, and reactions such as "Wow that looks exquisite! Excellent work!," "Sharing is caring," and "Yup. This is what I need."

The video also made its way to Ramsay's Twitter feed and there were some colorful comments and questions regarding the golden flakes sprinkled on top. We'll let you peruse those for yourself. You'll also find some funny meme reactions, including a drooling Homer Simpson.