Domino's Thin Crust Pizza: What To Know Before Ordering

Did you ever ask yourself why it is that people all over the world love pizza? What exactly is it about this simple cuisine that captures the imagination and tantalizes the taste buds? Pizza is the ultimate comfort food and it evokes a sense of wonder that delights diners of every age and every walk of life. For some, it's all about the melty cheese that cascades and drips off the sides of a slice in seductive stings of gooey goodness, while others are more enamored with the endless combination of meat and vegetable toppings that can be piled high on a pizza pie.

Yet some swear that a pizza "makes it or breaks it" by the success and quality of the crust, as it is the foundation upon which all pizzas are built. When it comes to Domino's, there is no doubt that there are hardcore fans of the classic Handmade Pan, the chewy Hand Tossed, and their popular Brooklyn Style, yet the Crunchy Thin is in a class all by itself (via Domino's). Here's everything you need to know if you want to satisfy your cravings for pizza with a Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza at Domino's.

What exactly is Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza?

Most experts agree that the origins of thin-crust pizza are a bit convoluted. No one is sure whether deep dish, thick-crust, or thin-crust came first. But what is agreed upon is that it originated in ancient Rome and that Sicily in particular cultivated a reputation for thin-crust pizza pies (via Riko's Franchise). In Chef Bryon Talbott's blog, he asserts that thin-crust dough (also known as Neapolitan or New York-style) is different from other versions because it requires a longer resting time, which allows the yeast to become less active so that it does not rise like other doughs that have a soft a pillowy texture.

Interestingly enough, the details of how Domino's makes their Crunchy Thin Crust is a bit of a trade secret. One Domino's fan shared with Fox News that all of their thin-crust pizza doughs are delivered to the stores pre-made, and not even the employees know exactly what goes into making the crispy crunchy crust that is so beloved by customers around the world.

What does Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza taste like?

When it gets down to it, the only thing that really matters when it comes to pizza is the taste. While admittedly a bit subjective, most people can generally agree and come to a consensus on whether or not something is worthwhile. Domino's Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza is arguably one of the best fast food pizzas around.

According to their website, all the pizza dough is made fresh and is never frozen, which ensures that you have a consistent crust, each and every time. The Crunchy Thin Crust is the thinnest pizza crust they make, yet it is still strong and sturdy enough to hold a myriad of toppings. Mainline Pizza Quest describes the crust as being "flaky and crackerlike" with a pleasant flavor, satisfying crunch, and appropriate rigidity. The sky's the limit when it comes to toppings, with eight meat options, 18 non-meat options (vegetables, and additional cheeses), and nine sauces to choose from on top of the traditional marinara (via Domino's).

The most popular toppings and where to find them

You know you wanna get your hands on that Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza, but what are the most popular toppings and where can you find them? Like most fast-food chains, Domino's offers limited editions and specialty pizzas. They sell an average of three million pizzas globally per day and claim to have more than 34 million ways to combine their ingredients and create an original pizza (via Domino's).

Their best seller is the classic pepperoni pizza which never goes out of style, and their official website offers 14 specialty pizzas to choose from in the USA alone. This includes innovative creations such as their "Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch," the tangy "Memphis BBQ Chicken," the crowd-pleasing "Philly Cheese Steak," and the ever-controversial "Honolulu Hawaiian." Domino's Crunchy Thin Crust Pizza is easy to access via their app, or website and they have staked their reputation on ensuring that there is always something that will appeal to almost everyone.

Nutritional Information about Crunchy Thin Pizza

Healthy eating is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gooey slices of pizza dripping with yummy melted cheese and hearty toppings. Yet fear not, it may not be as bad as one imagines, especially when consumed in moderation. The culprit to be wary of is the high amounts of sodium, carbohydrates processed fats, and synthetic preservatives.

According to Calorie King, a small Domino's Thin Crust Pizza topped with just cheese has 210 calories but 12 gs of fat, 340 mgs of sodium, and 17 gs of carbs. Meanwhile, a medium Thin Crust Pizza with pepperoni has 310 calories, 19 gs of fat, 610 mgs of sodium, and 23 gs of carbs (via Calorie King). But it's not all bad. In addition to the cons, if you will, of pizza, certain slices have quite a bit of protein in them. For example, while the cheese pizza has 8 gs of protein per slice of a small pizza, the pepperoni option has 12 gs.