The Best Trader Joe's Foods To Cook In An Air Fryer, According To Reddit

Even if your kitchen is already cluttered with appliances, you might have still bought an air fryer, a gadget that has exploded in popularity since around 2018, Grub Street reports. There are plenty of good reasons for that. The appliance comes in handy when you want to get your restaurant leftovers back to crispy perfection, which is why you should reheat Chick-fil-A nuggets in the air fryer, for example. Others like that it can cook everything from proteins to vegetables just as well as an oven, but in a fraction of the time and with the convenience of a small countertop item.

Users have discovered all sorts of air fryer hacks, employing it as everything from a fruit-and-veggie dehydrator to a masterful roasted-potato maker. While some people use their air fryers to whip up meals from scratch, others love them for their ability to elevate frozen foods — such as those from Trader Joe's. Intrigued? If you aren't sure what product to air fry first, then the Trader Joe's subreddit is the perfect place to look. In one post, customers and fans filled the comments with their favorite air-fryable TJ's goods.

Trader Joe's fans put pretty much everything in their air fryers

On Reddit, u/Healingpick me asked, "What Trader Joe's foods are best made in the air fryer?" and responders delivered — mostly with recommendations about the store's frozen goods. The most-upvoted comment said that you should be putting the chain's hash browns and vegetable bird's nests in the air fryer, presumably because their lacy edges must crisp up very nicely in the appliance. Other, even more popular frozen Trader Joe's items made it into users' suggestions, such as the chain's mandarin orange chicken and cauliflower gnocchi. Mac and cheese bites were also mentioned several times, as were some more surprising products including honey walnut shrimp and apple cinnamon oatmeal bites. As one user put it, "Really anything breaded or fried is awesome in an air fryer."

Is there anything that isn't delicious when air-fried? One commenter said that the Trader Joe's bean and cheese taquitos came out of their air fryer too dry, but another user said they liked them cooked this way. Nevertheless, it sounds like it's hard to go wrong when popping anything from TJ's into your air fryer. And with that, happy reheating!