Ever Wonder What The 'Grey Stuff' Is In Beauty And The Beast? Here's The Recipe

Thinking about classic Disney movies brings up feelings of warmth and nostalgia, and it often makes you want to watch the film again. Upon another viewing of the movie, your stomach rumbles as you see the perfectly manicured dishes in each film hit the table. Honestly, we were all about to lick the screen when the food critic received the final perfectly presented plate in "Ratatouille," and we low-key wanted to steal the spaghetti and meatballs from "Lady and the Tramp." For the longest time, these dishes seemed out of reach because they existed in a fictional universe, where the food looked all the more appetizing because of the Disney magic.

Nowadays, you can experience these iconic dishes when visiting one of Disney's theme parks. A Disney-themed blog, Inside the Magic, tells you where to find beignets from "Princess and the Frog," blue macarons from "The Mandalorian," Jack-Jack's cookie from "The Incredibles," and more. If you'd rather cook up the nostalgia in your kitchen, Disney has released a few recipes from their films, including grey stuff from "Beauty and the Beast" (via People). Surprisingly enough, this recipe is simple and can be executed by humans; no magical utensils are required.

Six ingredients and only 15 minutes to make

If grey stuff isn't ringing any bells for you, it appears in "Beauty and the Beast" when Lumière and the friends are singing "Be Our Guest." A lot happens in this scene, but when Lumière presents Belle with her dinner, he sings, "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes," (via People). Although grey stuff is not the most appealing name, your opinion will change when you find out it's grey because of cookies and cream sandwich cookies.

The mousse-like mix combines the sandwich cookies, whipped topping, instant pudding mix, and a few other ingredients. Once the cookies are processed, they are mixed with the pudding and whipped topping, and placed in a piping bag. The light and fluffy mixture is served on top of a scalloped cookie in the movie, so it's a double cookie delight (via YouTube). Not sure if we are alone on this, but did anyone else think grey stuff was a savory mystery meat mousse? Now that we know it's a cookie topped with even more creamy cookie goodness, we will make a massive batch of it and binge all Disney movies, just as Lumière would want.