This Gift Set Is The Perfect Valentine's Day Present For Cheese Lovers

"Say Cheese!" may be a popular term for photographers, but cheese lovers will likely also be saying it to their Valentine this year, thanks to this special cheesy gift. Historically, cheese has not had much of an association with Valentine's Day. In 2017, the National Confectioners Association put out a survey that found "94 percent of Americans want to receive chocolate or candy for Valentine's Day" (via PR Newswire). And according to Snack History, the tradition of giving gifts of candy to your Valentine dates back to around 1861 when people began to give Cadbury's new "fancy boxes" — aka the now famous "heart-shaped boxes" — to their loved ones.

Since then, there have been plenty of sweet ways to celebrate, including Valentine's cocktails at Applebees, pink Valentine's Day Frappuccinos at Starbucks, and a myriad of various chocolate options. But cheese? That's new. This year, Wisconsin Cheese is giving cheese lovers (and those who love them) the chance to win something special.

Cheese has our hearts

Have you ever received a heart-shaped box of chocolate and wished it could be a little cheesier? Good news: Wisconsin Cheese is bringing back their Heart-Shaped Wisconsin Cheese Boxes, and those celebrating the holiday can snag one for free! In celebration of their favorite fromage, which they call "the Universal Love Language," the cheese company is running a contest to not only win a heart-shaped box filled with cheese, but also an all expenses paid trip to Wisconsin for 4.

Starting now through January 27, nominations for yourself or a loved one can be sent in at for a chance to win one of only 500 boxes. The boxes contain "an engraved heart-shaped cheese board, an augmented reality experience and a selection of three artisan Wisconsin cheeses." And for those who are lucky enough to win, keep an eye out for a crystal cheese within the box, which will indicate you are the even luckier winner of the Wisconsin trip! Sounds like it's time to start convincing your loved ones to nominate you.