Duff Goldman Confirmed What We Suspected All Along About Kids Baking Championship's Santiago Corso

"Kids Baking Championship" is one heated competition show, and is Food Network's way of welcoming kids into the baking competition space. The show pits bakers between the ages of 10 and 13 as they compete for a title and some cash. The show started in 2015 and features Food Network star and acclaimed pastry chef, Duff Goldman, alongside Valerie Bertinelli as they monitor these kids in the kitchen.

Now in Season 10 with the youngest cast yet, there are bound to be some new bumps and learning curves (via Food Network). The show is likely to be bigger and better than ever and filled with contestants itching to get back in the kitchen and prove their prowess among their fellow talented young pastry-loving chefs. However, it seems one little chef is a bit more eager than others, and Goldman confirmed what fans were already starting to pick up about him. 

Multitasking madness

As one does, a fan named took to Twitter to laugh about one particular contestant on this season of "Kids Baking Championship" who made her a bit nervous — Santiago Corso. The fan tweeted, "Santiago was multitasking like he was on 'Chopped' with 2 minutes to go instead of #KidsBakingChampionship" (via Twitter). Duff Goldman picked up on the same thing and it seems Santiago's nerves were not the only thing in flux.

Goldman replied in a quote tweet, noting "He gave Val heart attacks EVERY EPISODE" (via Twitter). If you have ever watched one of these competition shows, you no doubt know how high the stakes are and how precious time is. And if it is daunting for adults, it must be even more so for someone half or one-third their age. Kudos to Santiago for continuing to keep the competition and impressive presentation alive. In the meantime, maybe competing on the show helps him better organize his time.