The Adorable Way A Sausage May Have Helped Save This Stranded Dog

A family in the U.K. recently experienced every dog lover's nightmare — their furbaby Millie, a sweet-faced Jack Russell Terrier/Whippet, became lost after she slipped out of her collar. She went on a walk on her own, and after a few days on the lam, she was finally spotted. Unfortunately, Millie was stuck in an area where no one could easily approach her. She was on the mud flats near her home in Havant, Hampshire, and the tide was coming in.

Fearing she was in danger, Millie's family called in the cavalry, including local police, firefighters, and even the Coast Guard. Despite their efforts, Millie was too scared to cooperate with her would-be rescuers. Finally, members of the Denmead Drone Search and Rescue team came up with a desperation ploy that involved attaching sausages to a drone, but did it work? The Guardian says the sausages are, in fact, what lured a hungry Millie in, but different news outlets say the tale (or tail) of Millie had an entirely different, yet equally waggy, ending. (Spoiler alert: Millie was okay either way!)

Millie may have been rescued by her grandpa

As The Guardian states, sausages are one of Millie's favorite foods. One of the locals who was watching the rescue efforts volunteered her sausages (purchased at Aldi), quickly frying them up and then handing them over to the team flying a drone over the mudflats. They attached the sausages to the drone, dangled them over Millie, and used them to lure her into safety. Mission accomplished! Or was it?

Not according to the Daily Mail. The way the publication tells it, sausages or no sausages, Millie still wouldn't cross the mud, and she ran off again. It wasn't until the next day that she was spotted once more, and this time, her owner's dad and his Border Collie were able to approach the traumatized terrier mix. Millie ran up toward her doggie "uncle" and grandpa, and leaped into the latter's arms. Shortly afterward, she was home at last, no doubt enjoying all the snuggles (and probably a few sausages, as well).