IHOP Just Dropped Game Day Feasts Perfect For Football Fans

We consider baseball and apple pie to be some of the few things that are truly American, but we should start adding the Super Bowl and fast food to that list. Every year, we gather 'round the TV with our family, or at our favorite sports bar with our buddies, and cheer, jeer, bet, and feast to our boys on the gridiron. It's a beloved American tradition much in the style of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Black Friday — and perhaps the only ones more excited than us are our favorite chain restaurants. 

Every Super Bowl season, you can expect plenty of advertisements from food and beverage companies. Who could forget when Mr. Peanut bravely sacrificed himself to save his dear friends Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh in 2020, only to return in a blaze of nutty glory during Super Bowl LIV (via PR Week)? Those Budweiser ads, from the iconic "WASSSSSUP?!" to the strangely heartstring-tugging "Lost Dog" have made their marks on Super Bowl history for decades. Yet some companies focus more on feeding the viewer than entertaining them. Places like Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, and T.G.I Fridays are bound to have some exclusive deals to celebrate kick-off, but there's one company that wants to spice things up this year, bringing the sweet, the savory, and the coffee to your Super Bowl bash.

IHOP's feasts include breakfast and lunch options

The International House of Pancakes, colloquially known as IHOP, is offering some big game day meals in the form of a breakfast buffet or a burger feast (via Chew Boom). Exclusive only on IHOP 'N' Go online ordering, you can select from two "feasts" and two "bundles" each. You can order the Breakfast Game Day Feast, which is eight buttermilk pancakes with a smorgasbord of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and sausage. If breakfast isn't your style, you can select the Burger 'N' Chicken Feast, which provides you with either two or four Ultimate Steakburgers and Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwiches each, with a side of fries, the usual burger toppings, and "IHOP sauce." Your choice of bundles is limited to beverages, with a selection of four 16-ounce breakfast beverages or four regular 30-ounce beverages.

If you aren't in the mood for the tired old pizza or dry, gristly boneless wings, perhaps digging into some of IHOP's fluffy pancakes or savory steakhouse burgers will make watching your team score a touchdown all that more memorable.