Peeps' Latest Lineup Isn't Just About Chicks And Bunnies

Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Eggs may have been the most popular Easter candy in 2021 (via Retail Me Not), but we all know that no Easter basket is truly complete without a package of Peeps Marshmallows nestled somewhere in that bed of plastic grass. The pastel-colored chicks and bunnies have been a springtime staple for more than 60 years, with Americans buying enough to make them the best-selling, non-chocolate Easter candy for 20 years running, according to Food Network.

With such a lengthy run, it wouldn't come as no surprise if the sugar-coated confections earn the accolade yet again this year — especially since the Peeps lineup is growing and poised to include some pretty exciting flavors in 2022. According to Chew Boom, the candy makers have collaborated with the popular Keurig cup brand The Original Donut Shop to give their bird-shaped treats a java-inspired makeover this season with the introduction of Peeps The Original Donut Shop Coffee-Flavored Marshmallow Chicks. But that's not all — we'll also be seeing a new Caramel Mocha flavor of Peeps-Filled Delights as part of this collab, which adds on to the coffee-flavored chicks by filling them with caramel cream and dipping them in chocolate.

Elite Daily reports that both the Caramel Mocha-Filled Peeps Delights and the traditional coffee-flavored marshmallows are priced between $1.69 and $2.09 a pack, and are available in 3- and 10-count packs, respectively, However, there are a few store-exclusive sizes available at Target and Dollar Tree as well.

Coffee flavors aren't all that's in store for Peeps this Easter

Peeps fans don't need to wait until Valentine's Day candy disappears from the shelves to get their hands on the new Original Donut Shop-inspired marshmallow confections, as Elite Daily reports that the Easter treats began making their way into stores as early as January 11. Some candy lovers have already gotten their hands on them, like YouTuber Tami Dunn, who reviewed The Original Donut Shop Coffee-Flavored Marshmallow Chicks in a recent video and confirmed that they are definitely worth the buy, especially if you've always got coffee running through your veins. However, if you don't find them quite as satisfying, you may be able to turn them into a delicious cocktail instead.

Peeps didn't forget about customers that prefer their rabbit-shaped candies, either. Per Chew Boom, the brand's 2022 lineup also includes Sparkly Wild Berry Marshmallow Bunnies, which will also be available at retailers nationwide. Additionally, there are also a few store-exclusive flavors and products this year, like the Tropical Burst Peeps and chocolate-dipped Strawberry Peeps Delights that are available only at Target. Walmart, meanwhile, will be the sole home of Cotton Candy Peeps Pops, which the official website describes as the traditional marshmallow treat in lollipop form. No matter which new flavor you choose, you'll want to hop to it to secure these Easter treats.