Trader Joe's Fans Are Divided On Its Calabrian Chili Tomato Dumpling Soup

Amid an influx of new and seasonal products, Trader Joe's customers have had something different to see nearly every time they head to the grocery store. Recently, shoppers have been stocking up on the chain's mini heart-shaped cookies ahead of Valentine's Day, and they've also been excited to find pappardelle pasta nests imported for Italy. For those who are simply in the mood for a warm and comforting bowl of soup, this TJ's news is for you.

Last year, Trader Joes' spicy tomato dumpling soup had people talking. Like clockwork, it's back again this January, according to Instagram fan account @traderjoeslist, who recently snapped a picture of the jarred product in stores. Per the caption, the soup retails for $3.99 per three-serving jar, and it pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese sandwich. While some TJ's fans left excited comments about the returning item, others made it sound like they would rather not buy any Calabrian Chili Tomato Dumpling Soup this year.

What do Trader Joe's customers have to say about this soup?

Some Trader Joe's shoppers may find that the Calabrian chilis in its spicy tomato dumpling soup add heat and an extra layer of flavor, but others find the offering rather plain. One person commented on @traderjoeslist's Instagram post saying they didn't care for the soup, agreeing with another user who called it bland. Another commenter left the soup in the pantry and still hasn't tried it, suggesting that the soup isn't something everyone is eager to dive into immediately. Some users were concerned about the sodium levels in the item, which are at 32% of the recommended daily value per serving.

Nevertheless, some Trader Joe's customers are loving the Calabrian Chili Tomato Dumpling Soup. One Instagram user said, "My favorite soup ever!!!" while another commenter wrote, "Love this soup!" with a heart-eye emoji. For some soup lovers, it might be worth a try.